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Date: Sun 04/8/18 1:28AM
From: L/Cpl Michael Howard

Message: Very interesting site. July 1982-June 1984 6SAI Grahamstown,Golf Company.Did Border duty from Feb83-June84 Ogongo 52Bn Sector 10 Owaboland,Ondangwa 53SAI, Eenhana 54,Rundu AFB Sector 20 Okavango, Nepara 55bn Owamboland. Also Oshivello a couple of times.Hard but fun.Thanks.God bless.

Date: Wed 04/4/18 1:06PM
From: Renier

Message: Goeie dag

Ek wil probeer uitvind wie was in 1 Veld genie in 1993.


This website about the South African Defence Force is a tribute to all who served in the SADF, and a reminder to those who have long since forgotten ...