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Date: Thu 3/6/10 11:40PM
From: Deryck Nicholl

Message: 2SSB Zeerust 82 to 83. Sector 10 Oshakati Gunner in Eland 90. Great times and an honour to serve in the SADF. Made great friends in the Army.

Date: Tue 1/6/10 1:55PM

Message: To Matt Brazier. It's so funny only today I've got hold of this site. Strange enough I serveed in 86-87, was in Angola for straight 6 months in ops Modular, two years after that I did a camp and met a guy call Vermeulen, and he told me the story of the 12 soldiers who died that day. Tragic!! And I could see he was not 100% he even show me some photo's that was taken at the funerals. Good luck hey!

Date: Tue 1/6/10 1:47PM

Message: '86-87 1SAI great site! Na al die jare om te hoor van al die ouens. Was betrokke by ops Modular July 87- Dec 87 61 meg was n mortieris gewees, enige ouens daar wat dit kan onthou. Heelwat kontakte gemaak met FAPLA en die klomp. Lekker om van al die stories te lees, bring back memories. Waar is die ou dae nog, bloed gesweet maar dit was lekker. cheers!

Date: Thu 31/5/10 11:57AM
From: Maurice Pieterse

Message: Great website! The best times ever. 1977 (School of Drama - oops sorry School of Armour) and instructor and suppport troop troop sergeant at 1 SSB and Etale in 1978.

Date: Thu 27/5/10 9:23AM
From: George Gradwell

Message: 79552642BG - It was a great honour and privilege to service in the SADF.

Date: Tue 25/5/10 5:58PM
From: Lesly Herbay

Message: 77293384BG Ladysmith 5 SAI Jul 79 - Jul 81. I thought I was the only "sad" man to think about the days when boys were men. Today, I wish I joined PF reaction force when I had the chance at the end of my 2 years. Gordon Ricketts my chom, waar is jy??

Date: Sat 22/5/10 1:43PM
From: Deon Bester

Message: Bike Sqaud Peleton 10, 1980-1982--Great Site

Date: Wed 19/5/10 3:40PM
From: Scott Wilson

Message: 1SAI 93-94 intake Scott "pugsley" Wilson - Howzit !!!! awesome website spent hours checking it out keep up the good work!

Date: Tue 18/5/10 7:00PM
From: Kelly

Message: 5 SAI Ladysmith 1986-1987 Echo Company (MAG Gunner) Border: Oshigambo & Okatopi Great site, good to see some 5 SAI entries.

Date: Mon 17/5/10 6:22PM
From: van Rensburg

Message: 5 SAI Ladysmith 1986-1987 Echo Company (Driver) Border: Oshigambo & Okatopi

Date: Sun 9/5/10 10:41AM
From: Henry Swanepoel

Message: 8 sai ingeklaar jan-88, riemvasmaak vir seksiebev, oos londen vir riots, klein rustenburg tuin platteland. word 63 meg btn 8 mnde oshivello, eenhana, okongo. Klaar uit des 89-Beste tye!

Date: Sun 2/5/10 2:09PM
From: Italian Staaljoen

Message: 5 Sigs -Walmansdam! What a poes-plaas; but fond memories of just how easy it was not to think and do as you were told: Would love the challenge all over again! Lt Smit, SM Bosman, Lt (spanish dude), Das Neeves, De Souza - boys how did we ever not eat those veld varke we braaied? Tax free and strong - wish we could do a re-run with only all the fun!

Date: Tue 27/4/10 1:27PM
From: Nick Horne

Message: It is with sadness that I hear of the untimely death of Brig. R.Greeff, previously our Corporal at 1SSB 1986-1988. You were an officer, and a Gentleman. Nag "ou grote"!

Date: Sun 25/4/10 6:43PM
From: Rob

Message: From a 34 year-old South African who missed national service by one year - you guys were my inspiration to join the British Army. Massive respect to all of you.

Date: Thu 15/4/10 8:07PM
From: Charles Schoeman

Message: 6 SAI 75/76. Signaller @ BN HQ. Still serving in Reserve Force - RBS Bloemfontein. We will remember them.

Date: Thu 15/4/10 8:23AM
From: Terrence Wynne

Message: 77469542BG - 4th Field Artillery Potchefstroom. Great unit, great friends and will never forget what we all endured together. Saam met al die manne!

Date: Tue 13/4/10 1:38PM
From: RunningDog

Message: To all those who fell alongside me during the noise and hell that was called war, be proud.

Date: Fri 9/4/10 12:05PM
From: Erich Haupt

Message: 76307057BG. 5SAI '80-'82. Sector 10 Owamboland. Etale. Proud to have worked with all of you. RIP: guys like Terry le Roux of Phalaborwa and Dawson of Zululand and many others who didn't come home. We shall never forget you.

Date: Tue 30/3/10 6:00AM
From: Gert van Staden

Message: Ek wil net dankie se aan al my vriende wat saam my 1990 by 5sein diensplig gedoen het, mag onse Vader hulle seen groete gert van staden

Date: Wed 17/3/10 12:54PM
From: Gummi Nemith

Message: Marine core "Scala" Cape Town. 86607140BG. Any other Marines for some photo swopping? SADF skop gatte!!


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