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Date: Fri 5/2/10 9:24AM
From: Cindy

Message: I second Maureen in her gratefulness to all the heros of the ex SADF - you guys rock! My teenage son knows all about you and that you were the best fighting force on the African continent. As P.M. Ian Smtih said: "We weren't beaten by our enemies - we were betrayed by our friends". You will always be remembered. God bless you all.

Date: Thu 4/2/10 3:09PM
From: nnnnnnn..19

Message: Ex-Kpl Bester (Bessie) - Infanterie Skool Echo Comp (1985) & 101Bn Romeo Mike (1986 - 1987) Kontak my asb.

Date: Wed 3/2/10 10:26PM
From: Dewald de Lange

Message: Still waiting for any tiffies who served at 101 workshops at Grootfontein in 1985-1986. Daai dae sal ons nooit vergeet nie en ek wil graag van enige troepe hoor wat in Grooties was enige iemand wat ons geken het in die KM. Die site is die beste en hoop ons hoor nog veel meer van ons se beste manne!

Date: Sat 30/1/10 7:38PM
From: Andreas Schwarz

Message: Big thanks to the maker(s) of this site here! I'm here very often, to look for information about the SADF and SAP. It's pretty hard to find information... The mankind never should forget, that brave guys served for the old South Africa! Cheer up guys and stay proud for Africa!

Date: Mon 25/1/10 9:57PM
From: Leon Watermeyer

Message: I wasn't a SANDFSM but my eldest brother was, and my father was. To all the guys sharing their stories of actual events I salute you and every day of my life I wish I was there to bask in the glory of triumph. You will NEVER be forgotten.

Date: Sun 24/1/10 3:02AM
From: Tony de Jager

Message: Definitief `n stunning site!!!! Dankie dat jy ons help om weer met mekaar kontak te maak. I did my stint Jan `85 - Dec `86. Started basics at 21 Field Bethlehem and ended at 25 Field Oshakati. I would love to hear from other SAPPERS from the same era. ONS SAL ANTWOORD OP JOU ROEPSTEM, ONS VIR JOU (OU) SUID AFRIKA.

Date: Thu 21/1/10 6:29PM
From: Bossie Bosman

Message: Dankie vir n baie goeie website wil graag kontak maak met manne van 78 - 79 inname medics te 4SAI Middelburg. Ops askari ens.

Date: Tue 19/1/10 7:15AM
From: Mark Goller

Message: 73597932 1975-1976. 1SAI Bravo coy. Bloemfontein intake. August to Walvis Bay. 2 SAI. Joined Charlie coy. Did first border stint at Rucanna airstrip. Was in the first battle across the border into Angola, Pera de Eca. Russaia gave us 24 hours to get out. Gen. Magnus Malan obliged. Later flown to Grootfontein and voluteered to go to Angola . SA to pay us R5 and America to pay us R10 a day danger pay. I was 18 at the time. We were given foreign green uniforms. Was flown to CELA airport with about 10 guys and a vechle. Waited for the rest of the company. We were now in the Foxbat fighting group.We had a few contacts with the cubans before the Battle at Bridge 14. On the day the Battle started 3 of us escorted the gunners to there OP POST, on retur

Date: Sun 17/1/10 11:42AM
From: Gert Rademan

Message: 6SAI 79-81. 15 maande in die bos. Okatope, Elundu, Etale, Ondangwa Lughawe. Soek my ou pelle

Date: Wed 13/1/10 11:37PM
From: Dewald de Lange

Message: Hoezit manne!! TDK 1985-1986 Waterkloof PTA en 18 maande in Grooties. Worked the quatermaster office with then Captain Piek, Sgt Ross and Sgt Burger. Waar is Kpl van der Walt en Pti Lombard in basics (Bravo)? Wil graag van daai intake hoor. We did a helluva job guys!! vasbyt!!

Date: Tue 12/1/10 6:57PM
From: Jean van der Walt

Message: '93 - 44 Battery 4 Artillerie Regiment Potchefstroom daarna Sierra Battery 61 Mech Lohatlha. Harde maar beste tye. Mis die gevoel van enigheid onder mekaar, daardie broederskap, amper soos familie...

Date: Mon 11/1/10 6:29PM
From: Chris Vorster

Message: Good that you keeping this part of sa history alive.. it shouldn't be pushed away under the carpet... it had major effect on our lives that most young people today have no idea about... I was a ops medic 80/81 did see lots of dead people in oshakati when I was only 18... it sure screwed me up a bit and I relate to the article on bossies... I too wonder about the 50000 and the poor guys for whom it was too much... was life changing and forced upon the youth of those times.... for what??

Date: Wed 6/1/10 12:38PM
From: Bradley Timm

Message: 1982 - Basics and second phase at 22 Field Engineering Squadron, Bethlehem. End 1982 and 1983 - Border Duty based in Oshakati then Etali. Swept roads to the "kaplyn"! These memories are like I was there yesterday. My twin boet (Mark) was with the CMO's. The good times will always overshadow the bad ...

Date: Tue 5/1/10 6:47PM
From: Kraftt Koos

Message: 72259906BG Kraftt (Koos, Johan, Hendry & Fritz) 4 broers in SAW 1977 - 1986 Grensdiens en kampe tot 1994

Date: Mon 4/1/10 2:21PM
From: Travis Smith

Message: 83' 84' Engineers Bethlehem 21 Squad then to Bossies. Still remember those days, Simon Hare, your pics brought back good memories of us. Was in Bravo.

Date: Wed 30/12/09 1:28PM
From: Chris Burger

Message: 86643640BG Feb 89 intake 8SAI Upington. Posted to TDK Voortrekkerhoogte. Nickname ZET. Delta Squadron Troep 12

Date: Tue 29/12/09 2:32PM
From: Shaun Lynch

Message: Tiffie 1983 - 1984. Proud to have been a part of it all. Great website and much respect to all who served unselfishly!

Date: Mon 28/12/09 2:17PM
From: Zurica

Message: My Father (Kallie/Carl Venter) served in the Bush war, 32 Battalion the buffalo soldiers. Thankfully he always came home safely. To all who served, to those who have lost their friends and family in the war... Thank you for your sacrifices!

Date: Sat 26/12/09 6:38AM
From: Gedrite

Message: I just stumbled in this website by writing SADF on google

Date: Fri 18/12/09 4:24AM
From: Deon Mostert

Message: 77302701BG 6SAI Bn Grahamstad 1980 -1982 - Grensdiens en Operasie Protea gedoen


This website about the South African Defence Force is a tribute to all who served in the SADF, and a reminder to those who have long since forgotten ...