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Date: Sun 05/14/17 8:42PM
From: Pj van Heerden

Message: Are there still anybody out there from the January 1984 intake at 8 SAI in Upington. Please feel free to contact me for some catch up. Would like to get in contact with any of my buddies from that time. Geldenhuys, Barnard, Solomon, Groenewald etc.

Date: Fri 04/28/17 12:00PM
From: Antonie Stoltz

Message: Antonie Stoltz, 5 Sai Ladysmith 1977-1979...

Date: Wed 04/26/17 12:03PM
From: Piet Radley

Message: hi Barry Fowler Just want to know you did your apprentice ship as my appi at ngodwana let me know please
thank you

Date: Wed 04/26/17 11:38AM
From: Piet Radley

Message: hi gents great site I did my basics in Kimberley 11 commandos in 1975 as a mortar, did border duty in 1975 and all my other camps in oshikati.rucanna,onkongolo,old Italy base,from 1977 till 1982

Date: Sat 03/25/17 2:08AM

Message: nice site, umunnem cheii

Date: Tue 03/21/17 12:43AM
Email: Aingram@FLOWSERVE.COM

Message: Jan '78 TDK Voortrekkerhoogter. Mapscha '79 then Marivalve before klaarout - looking for Mark Shaw, Ronald Roos & Len Lester.

Date: Wed 03/8/17 12:36PM
From: Leon Basson

Message: 79221131BG, 4 SAI 1981/1982, Delta Komp, Pel 5, Grensdiens op Oshivelo, Elundu, Oshigambo en Etale. Kampe saam met RPK (Regiment President Kruger) Randfontein. Lekker ou dae...

Date: Fri 02/10/17 6:04PM
From: henry pletschke

Message: hi,ek was in 8 sai c komp pel 7 1977-1979/mags nr75549212bt.Ek wil graag hoor van manne wat saam met my was in upington en grensdiens gedoen het .2*6mnde grensdiens in ons diensplig tydperk

Date: Tue 02/7/17 7:35PM
From: Cliff black

Message: 2 veldgenie regement 1990

Date: Sun 02/5/17 8:36PM
From: James Dekker

Message: This is the best SADF site on the web!

Date: Mon 11/28/16 2:29PM
From: Frans van Niekerk

Message: Magic stuff James ! So well done ...thank you ou maat!

Date: Thu 11/24/16 4:02PM
From: Chris Herbst

Message: Basiese opleiding en later instrukteur by TDK Voortrekkerhoogte 1982-1984 Jul. Was behulpsaam met droogte in Venda om water to karwei.

Date: Thu 11/24/16 12:40AM
From: Francois van der Walt (Cois)

Message: Dag Manne. Ek Julie 82 - Julie 84 in Berede diens gedoen Onder 1 Swaspes geval. Basis was Okatopi en ook Sodoliet.Mis die pelle en Perde.Laat weet maar as julle iemand ken van daai tyd.

Date: Wed 11/23/16 10:19AM
From: Kiara

Message: I am looking for RSM Smith. My father was very close to him during his time in Angola. If anyone could possibly tell me how I might be able to contact him it would be muchly appreciated.

Date: Wed 11/23/16 1:21PM
From: Nick Rundle

Message: Hi all, well, it's 30 years since I was in the SADF- time flies!! I spent my last 17 months odd with 8SAI, after 1 Para Bn basics.. Okatope for 7 + 5 mnths, Soweto then NW Transavaal out of Dendron. Millions of memories. Many stories to tell the grandkids. Friends and fellow troops 'lost'. The end result- our South Africa is changed..a pity that what we fought for is now in the past. Well, it's 2015... God bless us all. Nick

Date: Wed 11/23/16 9:31AM
From: johan Visagie

Message: Ek hoor steeds nie van Hennie Venter,Leonard Stoop, Rassie Erasmus. Kom manne maak kontak. Ons het diensplig gedoen 78-80 Upington.

Date: Sat 11/2/16 8:14PM

Message: Hallo al julle veterane weermag manne ek is nog steeds opsoek na pelle wat saam my was op rundu van 16 des 1983 tot junie 1985 ons was by die tiffies ons was van die beste tiffies wat daar nog op rundu was trollip willa spyker smiley schoeman almal ouens wat saam my was my mags nr is 81235558bg was ook q/kpl

Date: Mon 22/12/14 9:20AM
From: Callie Viljoen

Message: Was in Junie 85 na 6SAI opgeroep en het daarna JL's op Outshoorn gaan doen in E Compamy (Die oud Suid Basis by Samajoor Lategan) tot Jun 86) Het daarna gekies om grens diens te doen en is ingedeel by 203Bn (Boesmans) waar ek gebly het tot ek in uitgeklaar het in Jun 87.

Date: Sat 25/10/14 11:19AM
From: Johan Visagie

Message: Wat n lekkerte om al die stories te lees. Maak asb kontak manne. Waar is 8SAI 78-80 intake. Grensdiens Ondongwa Otsjiwarongo Rhodesia. Was peleton drywer saam HL Venter L Stoop en Vincent Turner(oorlede). Bou so voort.

Date: Sat 25/10/14 9:53AM
From: Johan Visagie

Message: Geniet almal se stories. Was in 8 SAI 78-80. Grensdiens by Ondongwa Otjiwarorongo. Maak kontak Hennie Venter, Leonard Stoop, Rassie Erasmus. Ons was peleton drywers.


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