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Date: Tue 22/1/08 11:08PM
From: Steve Glyn

Message: 7490028BT - Did basics at 6 SAI Grahamstown in '76, Radio Op/Driver & then Cape Town Highlanders. There were good times & there were bad times, can't remember too many of the bad. We learnt discipline & then some, I don't regret any of it. (Think I still owe Street R14.)

Date: Thu 17/1/08 3:42AM
From: LarryD

Message: Great site, keep it up, brings back lots of memories! July intake of 77 to 79 6 SAI. 78 and 79 spent based at Ondangwa, going on 2 Ops into Angola. Now in NZ

Date: Tue 15/1/08 9:22PM
From: Malcolm Weiss

Message: 80463961BG - Wonderful website, brought back many memories of Oudtshoorn and 201BN Omega. Enjoyed reading research about Cassinga!

Date: Tue 15/1/08 9:18AM
From: Pte Rob Woodfine

Message: 83527390BG - 3rd SAI Potchefstroom - 1 Maitenance Unit Kimberly - 16 S&T Depot Potch - 163 S&T Sub Depot Heidelberg

Date: Mon 14/1/08 7:10PM
From: Brett

Message: Good site! '85-'86 - 5 sigs reg/513tp oshakati plus all over sector 10. Did 14 mos. up there. I didn't realize how insane it made me.

Date: Mon 14/1/08 3:49PM
From: Peter Menhinick

Message: 82270083BG - Good times and bad times. Never forgotten. 3SAI - 53 Battalion 85-86. Great site, keep up the good work!!

Date: Sun 13/1/08 3:30AM
From: Audrey Schaffter

Message: I'm a Swiss girl but as I have most of my family in RSA I went quite often in your country during the late 70's, 80's and 90's. All I want to say to you all guys, is: THANK YOU / BAIE DANKIE for what you did and for what you are!

Date: Tue 8/1/08 9:10PM
From: Ian Gunstone

Message: Great site. Brings back lots of great memories Genieskool (Bossiesspruit), Bethlehem, 47 Survey Squadron. 80605520BG

Date: Tue 8/1/08 2:20PM
From: Philippe

Message: (aka Baardman) 30 years this week, arrived at 1 Maintenance Unit, Kimberley, afkak under a Cpl Piet Broekman, until transfer to JLs at Services School - two years of life-changing experiences, friendships and the dregs of society, from Greefswaldt to Hoedspruit, Ondangwa to DHQ - stayed in Cuckoo's Nest (Pretoria - anyone recall this?) - never listened to so much inhumanity and racism, saw so much brutality, yet so many decent guys duped by society - all I learned was that people are capable of anything they decide - good or evil. Thanks for the excellent site - Lt. 72529704BG

Date: Mon 7/1/08 12:29PM
From: Andrew McManus

Message: A great site, thank you for the effort! 86 1SAI and 87 61Mech, 20mm gunner. Modular seems like yesterday. How do you explain to those who were not there, how you feel when a house breaker steals your medals?

Date: Mon 7/1/08 8:39AM
From: Wesie vd Westhuizen

Message: 77418481bg/t. 1980 intake 2 SSB Zeerust C-Escadron. done ops protea and askari been there, done it!

Date: Mon 7/1/08 8:33AM
From: 79232575BG

Message: Thanks for the site! We need to keep these sites alive or we and what we did will die with them. I was in Provost school in 1981/82 and was in Ops protea and patrolled from Elundu with 54 Bn. Some good school mates died during this period including Alan de Klerk who was shot down with the chopper that went down on 9 August 1982 in Angola. Lets also remember to keep looking forward who knows what the future holds.

Date: Mon 7/1/08 8:31AM
From: Cobus du plessis (smiler)

Message: I was at 4 SAI Middleburg 1978-79. Platoon 10 Bravo Company. Would like others to contact me

Date: Sat 5/1/08 7:13PM
From: Charles Pritchard

Message: My pa was in weermag al die jare 'n Tiffy AO JRM Pritchard sal darvan hou as iemand hom kan onthou

Date: Thu 3/3/08 3:22AM
From: MG Thomson

Message: Thanks for the memories good and bad. I'd forgotten a lot of mates, this brought them back. 78-79 Cheers!

Date: Sun 30/12/07 3:22PM
From: Cpl P.C. Snyders

Message: 98254261PF - (1 Signal Regt) - Always great to learn about the past. Thanks for this website! A prosperous new year to all!

Date: Wed 26/12/07 8:27PM
From: Frans van der Westhuizen

Message: Wat Amerika en George Bush nog van terrorisme moet leer het ons al van vergeet. Ek is 'n baie trotse SA'kaner woonagtig oorsee. Die lot oosee ken net een woord, apartheid en het geen benul van wat in Suid Afrika aangegaan het nie. Het opleiding gedoen in 1 Spesiale Diens Bateljon (1SDB) in Pretoria 1971-1972 en baie trots daarop. Moes selfs op my "ou dag" kampe doen in die vroee 90's agv die ANC se aanvalle op strategiese instellasies soos refinaderye ens. Manne van daardie era is baie welkom om my te kontak. Sal nooit vergeet nie - tel eendag 'n Paratus tydskrif op met 'n sonsondergang op die SWA grens met 'n SA Impala wat so laag vlieg - die opskrif van die artikel "First Rhodesia, then SWA......then us", dit in 1971 manne?

Date: Mon 24/12/07 7:48AM
From: Gary Smith

Message: 84625334BG - Posted various pics of my time with 2SSB in Zeerust and SWA '88-'89. I was a ''spanbev'' with a great crew; Yentz Bacher my gunner, Reece my driver and the best mechanic who could fix almost anything. Lots of thoughts go through my head, my mates, the guy's in other units we worked with, the freaky times, especially the laughs we had when we rolled the Ratel in Lohatla during "Ops Sweepslag", lest we forget all the ''Oppies''. All good memories. We made a difference at the time no matter what role we played. Some more than others I guess, to those who fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice, we will never forget you. We did it for the Orange, the white, and the Blue, for you South Africa!

Date: Mon 24/12/07 5:33AM
From: Frans van Niekerk Cpl

Message: Hi chaps... remember the sunsets we enjoyed ?Let us think of our friends who did not return home with us... Have a good festive season!

Date: Sat 22/12/07 3:10PM
From: Ettienne Schwagele

Message: 6 SAI 83 to 85. Umbalantu, Elundu, Baken 16, Fox Ops - Ondangwa, retired to VIP Protection unit Pretoria. Did camps with University of Pretoria Military Unit 'UMPE' and Reg Uitenhage. I remember wandering around the flooded shonas of Umbalantu, patrols around Elundu, land mine explosion in the Odilla river bed near Baken 16, and walking Oom Willie's fucking road hundreds of times escorting the sappers. Good times, good memories.


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