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Date: Thu 16/12/07 9:02PM
From: Mike McNamara

Message: Sure brings back some memories.Basics 2 Field Eng Regiment in 1982 then School of Engineers was on the border in Sept & Oct 1983 sector 10 Oshakati 25 field

Date: Wed 12/12/07 3:53PM
From: k.livingstn

Message: any old gunners { G5 } from 87- 88

Date: Tue 11/12/07 12:24AM
From: Marius Oberholzer

Message: Hi I was based at Mashari with 511 troop during 87. i miss the good jolls at Grootfontein. good web page

Date: Mon 10/12/07 12:05AM
From: Suzanne Groenewald

Message: Ek is 'n 25-jarige Sielkunde student wat my meestersgraad wil doen oor post-traumatiese stres by weermag soldate. Ek kry bitter min inligting oor die grensoorlog op die internet en sal baie graag met 'n paar manne wil kontak wat voel dat daar te min gedoen is na die oorlog om hulle geestesgesondheid te herstel. Ek wil graag 'n behandelingsplan opstel wat die weermag kan gebruik om die skade te herstel. Daars soveel tyd spandeer om die ouens te leer veg, maar nie om hulle "reg" te kry na oorlog nie.Hierdie is 'n wonderlike website en ek kry trane in my oe as ek hoor van die ouens wat op daardie stadium soveel verantwoordelikheid moes dra en die "groot koppe" wat in die parlement gesit en praat het en te bang was om self 'n geweer vas te hou

Date: Sun 2/12/07 9:34AM
From: Gastao Gorgulho

Message: 79214318bg 83-85 Intake [june] saaf gymnasium. I still remember valhalla beach all that marching and it rains on our passing out parade. Very big up to our mates in the army u were brilliant. Anyone remember me? lol.

Date: Thu 29/11/07 4:18AM
From: Mossie Mostert

Message: Was in weermag 1978-1979..11 kommando, jl's Oudshoorn en dan Inligtingskorps.Het diens gedoen op grens 'n paar keer.Is op soek na die kenteken of enige iets wat te doen het met 51VK waar ek my heel laaste kamp gedoen het..sal altyd my weermag onthou..dit was GREAT

Date: Thu 29/11/07 3:03AM
From: Sgt. Rhode

Message: sadf sounds like a tuff gig and thats coming from a solider of the united states army

Date: Mon 26/11/07 6:22PM
From: "Jakes" Jacobs

Message: 84538073BG Kpl - Infantry school '87; 52bn Oshakati '88, waar's julle? Bester, Aucamp, Meiring, Baart, Scafetter, Dreier X2, Buringer, Maj. Rodgers, ens.

Date: Wed 21/11/07 6:45PM
From: Douw G Steyn

Message: Geseende Kersfees, Merry Christmas, 86253440BG Kpl Steyn Intelligence Korps 1988/89 Sektor 40 and 10 SWAGM. This makes me proud to see pictures and memories of a great Army!! Tons of good and sad memories, Would I do it again? In a heart beat!!

Date: Tue 20/11/07 8:56PM
From: Robbie Cox

Message: 87558235BG - 1 sai 20 mil gunner from 89, wishing you all a very merry xmas and a prosperouus new year, and a stiff drink to our fallen buddies, sterkter julle en vasbyt, long live the SADF

Date: Thu 8/11/07 3:33PM
From: Henry Combrinck

Message: Wow! What an amazing tribute to our boys. Brings back so many memories... Let's not forget, nor be intimidated into not talking about it.

Date: Thu 8/11/07 3:22PM
From: Gavin Burger

Message: 89456685BG - Great site! Anybody out there who served 1991 in 4SAI Middleburg or 61 Base Workshops? Use the links on the left to contact me please.

Date: Thu 8/11/07 10:53AM
From: Roelof Vorster

Message: 85480283BG 2nd Lt NR Vorster Feb '88 - Dec '89 '88 - School of Armour (Bloem) '89 - 61 Mech (Oshivelo). Congrats on a really marvelous site!!!

Date: Wed 7/11/07 4:18PM
From: Gavin Faul

Message: did my bit in 1sai, 4 sai(a company, platoon 1)-1983-84 . based at oshivello or as we called it oshi terrible , during border duty . part of ops askari. couldnt believe the emotions and memories that flooded back when i looked at the pics .

Date: Tue 6/11/07 1:04AM
From: Peter Welham

Message: 84-85 JL's at Ordinance Services School Pretoria, then Southern Cape Command HQ, Oudsthoorn + Oshikati, Ondangwa & Ongiva. More than 20 years ago now and seems like another life. The good, the bad and the ugly. 15 yrs residence in NZ - land of the world cup chokers. Go Bokke.

Date: Thu 25/10/07 3:14PM
From: Russell "GV" Jones

Message: 1 SAI 1987, 4 SAI 1988 Pl 2 Bravo company OPs Medic, OP Hooper. Nice website hope we didn't scare you too much when we got back to 1 SAI after Hooper.

Date: Tue 23/10/07 5:09PM
From: Gordon Kernes

Message: CPL 77345635BG - Wow, it's been almost 30yrs. Did my 2yrs. '79-'80. Basics at 11th. Command Kimberly. Any of you remember "killer Smit", need I say more? Later went on to JL,s and then to PTI school. Would really like to hear from anyone who remembers me. It was quite an experience, one that taught me a lot of lessons. Hats' off to you guys for creating this site. Hopefully now all those South Africans who were in denial about us being at war will read about what our heroes on the GRENS were really doing to make our lives safer and the country a better place. God bless our fallen comrades and may they rest in peace! Dr. Gordon Kernes. (USA)

Date: Mon 15/10/07 12:40AM
From: Didi Henning

Message: 84498815BG- 8Sai 88-89 Love reading the stories, brings back great memories, Any of the old gang from 63Mech 12B Send me a mail.

Date: Sun 14/10/07 8:17AM
From: Peter Celliers

Message: Did 18 months of my two years in Walvis Baai what a hole but we did what we had to do. Served 9 Years in citizen Force with 37 Field workshop which were part of 44 Para. Saw things that still do my mind although my last call up was in 89 I still remember. What really cheesed me of was when I was getting my immigration papers sorted to go to Australia "they" had no record of my service so 11 years was for nothing but I still remember and know better. I will never forget mates I have lost for a war that should not have been fought but hey, a man has to do what a man has to do. Thanks for remembering.

Date: Fri 12/10/07 3:47PM
From: Ax

Message: Excellent Site! Memories for Africa. 2 Signal Regiment 76/77


This website about the South African Defence Force is a tribute to all who served in the SADF, and a reminder to those who have long since forgotten ...