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Date: Sun 20/5/07 9:32AM
From: Ditto van Biljon

Message: 8 SAI - 84/85 - A comp. Border duty at Etale, Okolongo, "Baken 16" & Oshakati. Dave, have a look at the 8 SAI site ( I've posted photo's that you will relate to. Great web site, thanx!

Date: Thu 17/5/07 2:54PM
From: Jaime Lopes


Date: Tue 15/5/07 9:11PM
From: Raymond Finiff

Message: Great site!!!! Almost came to S.A. in 1986 after I got out of USMC, but was talked out of it by my Father. Kind of wish I had though. Regards, Ray

Date: Tue 15/5/07 8:32PM
From: Richard Barnett

Message: 8 SAI, C comp 83 june intake looking to find men of my section. if anybody can help on how i do this please get in touch. thanks richard

Date: Wed 9/5/07 2:08AM
From: Eric

Message: 77437150BG Ex 61 Mech 1981, Bravo coy. Would all who served in 61 what ever the year please contact me with a view to meeting up in SA next year?

Date: Mon 30/4/07 6:34PM
From: Mark Simon

Message: National service at SAI 1977. Served 2 year. Force no 73308140 BG. Would love to hear from some old friends. Served most of my time on border. Completed 8 camps. Good days and taught me to be a man.

Date: Sat 21/4/07 6:58PM
From: Marco Dessena

Message: 83295394BG, 5 signal Reg. (1985-86). Great site to bring back ALOT of memories. I can't believe I can still remember my army number..... AAAH the good old bad old days!!

Date: Sat 21/4/07 12:47AM
From: Justin Carey

Message: 83345314BG Excellent site I served @ 2SSB from 87-89 as SpanBev on Eland 90 (Troop 4:F Sqadron) and did 6 Months border duty Oshakati, Alpha Tower, Ondongwa. Seems like yesterday!

Date: Thu 19/4/07 2:21PM
From: Wayne Mizen

Message: Thanks a lot, great site seems like it was yesterday. WHAT A TIME WE HAD!!!!!

Date: Wed 18/4/07 5:43AM
From: 8SAI Bokkop

Message: Great site, great mates, great times. To our mates that we left behind on the border - we do not forget. 8SAI 1980 -82 Bravo Coy. Cheers Frank

Date: Fri 6/4/07 11:30AM
From: Alexander Konig

Message: Dankie vir hierdie site! Wens ek kon persoonlik met julle almal sit en praat! Het nie juis baie feedback gehad in die afgelope 25 jaar! Ek was Julie 81 Inname in Phalagat, does Kmdt. Schultz ring a bell? Charles Smith,ek het geprobeer om jou te kontak, maar die E-Mail gaan nie deur nie!! Was saam met jou op Miershoop! B-Komp, Peleton 4. Ek was saam met Sktr. Brian Tinniswood, Eric Boelema, Marco Mazzola, ens.. in dieselfe seksie! O/kpl. Alex König, kan enigeiemand van julle my nog onthou! Sal so graag met julle in kontak wil tree! Stuur fotos asb.!! Groete uit Duitsland. "Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika". Cheers. Alex

Date: Thu 5/4/07 9:27PM
From: Jil Cronje

Message: 70316765PE DP 6 SAI B Coy Lt De Villiers Kpl Kinghorn Jaar later PF op 6 SAI Deel 1 Oudtshoorn Staf Kippie SM Ogilvy ens trug 6 SAI wie sal ooit AO1 Biebaps vergeet Lt M A Burger Freddie Beets Herbert Edmunds Toe 1 Ovambo BN Maj W Snijders Beste BO onder wie ek gedien het!

Date: Thu 5/4/07 3:38AM
From: Walter Meyer

Message: 73404386 - Rooikop then School of Armour - 10 years with PH. What an experience. Moved to Aus in 95 had enough of the Aussies now in Texas. Great site.. keep the faith y'all troepe!!

Date: Wed 28/3/07 3:41PM
From: me again

Message: Keith and Kevin's picture gallery of the 1975/76 tour sure brings back memories. I recognise Kevin and little does he know I was in the bungalow right opposite his during basics. Send us a note Kevin! slegtroep rower - greg

Date: Sat 24/3/07 3:42PM
From: Neville Diamond

Message: Thanks for the website. Youngsfield Jan 77 to Dec 78. Plus the friggin camps. Good to read and remember the Afkak and rondfok, its what made us bossies.

Date: Fri 23/3/07 6:53AM
From: Greg Church

Message: Still bossies in Vancouver Canada. 6 SAI 1975. D Company rower and then to A Company before boarding the planes at PE. Looking for Willem Brand and Frank Groenewald - crasy ouens. Thanks for this site. God bless all my army buddies - I miss you guys. greg

Date: Thu 22/3/07 5:04PM
From: Steve Lotter

Message: If there are any old soldiers of 6SAI "D" Company anti-tank platoon, please contact me... I am still involved with the reserve force ... Once in your blood, always in your blood

Date: Mon 19/3/07 8:22PM
From: Johann Swart

Message: Yes troepe! Did nat. serv. Jan 85 till Nov 87. Jan 86-Nov 87 stationed at 6 Maintenance Unit in Rundu. Did 3 yrs (short service). What a memory. Its 20 yrs down the line and still clear as yesterday. Wonderfull to stumble across this site. If you recognise me and specially if your name is Lt. Christo Lombardt, pls contact me.

Date: Fri 16/3/07 11:10PM
From: Francois Lombard

Message: 82289497bg 10 AA regiment youngsfield 82 84 hi there ou manne! i miss those times i live in spain now but i think every day of the border in ovamboland hope to meet old pels agen take care you guys out there in todays world.

Date: Sun 11/3/07 6:01PM
From: Sarel van den Berg

Message: 1975 Walvisbay 2Sai Bn Gr.A Company.Basics :- Swartkoppies,Dune 7,Wortel and Kuiseb. Operational :- Raucana, Caloeque, Perera Dece. After 11 Nov:- Ops Savanna:- Silva Porto. General Machado, Luso and Texiera de Sousa.GREAT TIMES !!!!


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