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Date: Fri 9/3/07 7:45PM
From: Etienne du Plessis

Message: 90471111BG. Goeie werk ouens, hou so aan. Was bevoorreg om die laaste inname in 93 te wees. Pantserskool, 1 Spes Diens, en 61 Meg Snelle ontplooiingsmag. Goeie tye. Die SAW was beslis die beste weermag in die wereld

Date: Sun 4/3/07 8:54PM
From: Gert Kruger

Message: This is a great site. Is there any site where one can get in contact with other National Servicemen? If not, it could be a great to get one off the ground. These memories should not be forgotten. Once again; this is a great site. Thank you for this.

Date: Fri 2/3/07 5:18PM
From: Mark Dudley

Message: 80610223BG - 6 SAI Grahamstown & 111HPU Marines 1985 to 1987. Great site.

Date: Wed 28/2/07 3:03PM
From: Bulgarian

Message: Great Page! Salutes to all former soldiers of SADF

Date: Thu 22/2/07 2:41PM
From: Butch

Message: it would be great to have contact with all those that started with me at 11 commando, my tracker buddies ,horseman, bikes, those that jumped out of planes and all till my end in 1988 the times we had crossed into Angola, the work done with 32, greatest unit on earth, not saying ours was not, only knowing where they are today.

Date: Thu 22/2/07 1:32PM
From: Wikus Weideman

Message: die site bring goeie memorys terug.waar is die ou dae van pos,pakkies,pay,pas en......

Date: Fri 16/2/07 8:12AM
From: Charles Marais

Message: 1SDB + Pantserskool 1974 - D Eskn Rooikop + Ruacana + Brug 14 1975 - nog nooit spyt nie - sien net 1980 + 1990 waars die ouer garde van 70's

Date: Thu 15/2/07 11:13AM
From: Marius Pretorius

Message: 76294834 2Lt JLs at Oudtshoorn 1979, 2nd year platoon commander at 8 SAI, Upington (1980). Did duties in Rhodesia and Kavango. B-Coy, Platoon 2. Platoon sarge was Cpl Wimpy van Zyl. Yes Bruce Strachan, I remember Addo van Zyl well, he was a platoon sergeant in 1980, not mine though. Good times. Where are you guys?

Date: Tue 13/2/07 3:52PM
From: Juan Victor

Message: A great many memories recalled- some great; others not. UK not as cold as Oudtshoorn! Was in Oudtshoorn about a year ago- strange to see the main rugby field is now a football pitch.

Date: Fri 9/2/07 4:41PM
From: Martin Conlin

Message: 83517342BG - Awesome set of pages - I'm sitting here in Bristol, UK, it's snowing & cold, and I'm remembering those good ol' days! 86,87 School of Armour, Bloem, 10 years of camps with Durban Light Infantry. Thanks for the memories - julle wil nie saam werk nie!

Date: Mon 5/2/07 3:01AM
From: Alex Colquhoun

Message: 84616846BT/G - 6 SAI 1985 to 1987. 1/1 A Co Benoni Comando 1987 to 2001. Great site.

Date: Tue 30/1/07 2:08PM
From: Lee Trayford

Message: 89230114BG - 101 Air Supply & 44 Para Bgde Great Times, Great Memories, Great website.

Date: Thu 25/1/07 1:38PM
From: Gerrit Pretorius

Message: Twee goeie jare, en maande met kampe daarna wat nie enige mens wil oordoen nie. Enige "gunners" van Youngsfield 1979 - 1980 en lede van Regiment Vaalrivier ?

Date: Thu 25/1/07 1:22PM
From: Rory Callaghan

Message: 82489006bg 3SAI 83/84 nice place to take half an hour and remember what was a major event in our lives, the people we met and those that came through as well as those that did't

Date: Wed 24/1/07 3:43PM
From: 89392518BG

Message: 89392518BG Living in Europe all these years later it can seem like those days weren't real. This site is "proof" for all of us who left and live among people who could never understand and wouldnt want to hear....

Date: Mon 22/1/07 1:28PM
From: Paul Grobler

Message: 1977 Vakleerling TD opleiding Sentrum 1979 Leergimnasuim Heidelberg 1984 1 Konst Reg 1994 7 Sa Divisie Ou Tiffies laat hoor van julle dit sal lekker wees om van julle tehhoor

Date: Sat 20/1/07 11:48PM
From: Clint Poezyn

Message: Where are all the Feb 88 intake from 5 S.A.I that went to 2SSB in Zeerust.Are there any takers out there.I was in E Squadron.Best memorie's: digging weede's out of sport's field(camp stadium) with our fork's from "Pikstel set" but at least my teeth never fell out after using it and i never got any mouth infections.

Date: Thu 11/1/07 5:22AM
From: Steve Quirke

Message: 79251617bt 81/82 2 sigs ew operator aug 81 up to grootfontein and then on to ops protea, and the rest. good and bad times, remember mostly the good. excellent site

Date: Tue 2/1/07 11:49PM
From: Nico Pretorius

Message: 89342745BG - Ladysmith 5SAI Jan '91 intake. Basic Training 6 weeks. Then on to Grahamstown for 2nd and 3rd Fase. Deployed in Umlazi-KZN. KwaMakutha was hell.

Date: Tue 2/1/07 8:07PM
From: Blane van Pletzen

Message: 76418813 BG 1979 - 1981. Basics at Uppington; Civic Action training at Kimberley; stationed at Katima Mulilo, Sector 70.


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