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Date: Thu 10/3/05 2:10AM
From: Karl S.

Message: Great website nice to see some stuff about the SADF out on the web. Keep up the good work. KS

Date: Tue 8/3/05 10:27PM
From: Robbie Crouch

Message: James, my attempt pales in comparison. Well done mate! I will have to pull up my socks and get behind the keyboard. Will be putting up a link... sometime... promise! 70300389BV

Date: Tue 8/3/05 9:10AM
From: Simon

Message: Brilliant site - well done. Also keeping it alive - SA Irish Pipes and Drums are at the Edinburgh Tattoo this year.

Date: Sat 20/2/05 5:26PM
From: Carl

Message: An excellent web site. Any old soldiers staying in Boksburg and surrounding areas. I AM A MOTH member looking for third generation soldiers to join our Sphinx Shellhole. Any one that is interested can contact me. Old Soldiers never die, we will remember them.

Date: Thu 17/2/05 11:39AM
From: Jakes Louw

Message: Nice one dude, from 78360385 BG/BT, Cpl JE Louw, 3 SAI/First City Reg. Keep the memory alive! Join John Dovey's "ArmyTalk" mailing list: email me!

Date: Wed 16/2/05 12:38PM
From: Johan Pistor

Message: Simon Hare's contribution really took me back ! I was in Bethlehem etc. exactly 10 years before him (1973 to 1974). I also have some photos somewhere, will check! Thanks!

Date: Sat 6/2/05 11:24AM
From: DRW

Message: Excellent site, and with so much promise for the future. I hope to see much more material here and I hope that so many of those lost ex SADF members will come forward and make themselves known. Thanks for the memories.

Date: Mon 4/2/05 3:36PM
From: Harry Landman

Message: Fantastic but we need more photos. Old soldiers never die they just fade away. July 1980 intake 7sai

Date: Mon 31/1/05 6:32PM
From: Erwin Abels

Message: Hi James! Well done! Very good layout and information. MfG Erwin

Date: Mon 31/1/05 1:46PM
From: René Dekker

Message: Well done Jim! Looks good.

Date: Mon 31/1/05 1:00AM
From: André Bourque

Message: Hey I have been waiting for this site for a while, excellent work!! Keep it up!!

Date: Wed 11/8/04 5:36PM
From: Kosmo

Message: Great work, keep it up. Thanks for letting us look at it! Kosmo, BushWar Mod

Date: Thu 12/2/04 12:19AM
From: Barry Fowler

Message: Hi James, Yes, I got there. Great layout. More to follow in an email. Best wishes, Barry


This website about the South African Defence Force is a tribute to all who served in the SADF, and a reminder to those who have long since forgotten ...