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Date: Thu 9/18/13 10:54AM
From: lance johnson

Message: 1980-82 tiffi grootfontein 101 workshop BIKE SHOP now living usa

Date: Fri 9/19/13 11:47AM
From: Andre Swart

Message: 74424326BT - Hi fellow soldiers; I would love to have a cold one or two with Para 77 - 78 intake; Good times we don't want over again. I am planning to visit Cape Canopy and Laarsa to meet some of the old vets' Take Care,

Date: Mon 9/30/13 12:09AM

Message: I was at 5 SAI Ladysmith, Natl during 1978 -80 any body out their that was part of training etc,I was charlie company

Date: Sun 10/4/13 3:05PM
From: norman frost

Message: 1SSB from July 1975 to December 1976. Eland driver. Grootfontein,Rundu,Oshikango Last 6 months in Windhoek.

Date: Tue 10/6/13 11:35AM
From: Dick Wheeler

Message: Fellow soldiers, 1976-77, School of Armour, 1SSB A-Sqd, Contact no 0846815786. would like to make contact. We were part of one helluva fine force

Date: Thu 10/15/13 1:09AM
From: Koos Snyman (Cobus)

Message: 78499217 BG/BT. Het my diensplig begin in Jan 1980 4SAI. Ek was Infantrie skool toe. Foxtrot peleton 8. Ek het my enkel beskadig met fasbyt en is terug na 4 SAI, B kompanie peleton 1. Na al die opleiding is oorgeplaas na SAAF, 14 dae voor my grens trip. Baie ongelukkig gewees daaroor. Was by 28 eskader LMB Waterkloof. Grensdiens gedoen vir 6 maande op LMB Ondangwa van Jan 1981 tot Jun 1981. Beste tyd in die army ooit. Was een van die ongelukkiges wie se nommer nooit weggeraak het nie en al my kampe gedoen, 7 jaar lank. Sal enige fotos van daardie tyd waardeer. Myne het alles weggeraak.

Date: Sun 3/17/13 8:12PM
From: j c heyneke

Message: 5 sai ladysmith natal, loved my two years, looking for old buddies like b p h du plessis spikkels ronnie venter anybody who mite know them e-mail me tx

Date: Thu 4/11/13 7:29PM
From: Salty Visser

Message: Is opsoek na my vriende van die PTI tak (1975-1977)by Lugmag Gimnasium Valhalla. Ouens soos Boeta Wilbers, Douw Steyl, Lt. Hein Schnell

Date: Mon 4/15/13 9:23AM
From: Martin Theron

Message: Hi to 7SAI July 1977 intake.Hoping to hear from anyone who was with me during our rendezvous at Ruacana as well. Regards, Martin Theron

Date: Mon 4/15/13 9:24AM
From: Martin Theron

Message: I am wondering how does one get to open photos on this website-I accidently stumbled across it.I served in the war 1977-1979 from 7SAI Battalion,at Ruacana,and thereafter was sent to 1RNT where I did a couple of 3 month camps. Regards, Martin Theron

Date: Fri 5/10/13 4:46AM
From: Marinus Du Preez

Message: Ek was 1985 op Infanterie Skool Peleton 2 Echo kompanie, wil graag hoor van my mede Echo studente. soek ook graag fotos. Gaan na Facebook daar is n groep net vir Infanterie skool.

Date: Mon 5/20/13 6:05PM
From: chris woelk

Message: Robert Romans put me onto this site. Seems your war was similary to our Vietnam war and the social conflict. I am enjoying learning your history. Visit my website and see the things we shared.

Date: Tue 5/21/13 1:28PM

Message: was in bloem 1975 1sdb. 84 grensdiens pretoria regiment- kmdt chris raats. rsm andy carstens

Date: Wed 5/22/13 9:57AM
From: Nico de Koker (RAU)

Message: 6 SAI Jun'79 - Jul '81. Eenhana, Elundu, Nkongo...

Date: Sat 5/30/13 10:10AM
From: Bennie Bezuidehout (spagetti)

Message: 7 SAI Phalaborwa 2 julie 86 - 2 julie 88 Charlie komp peleton 1 seksie 2 . sektor 10 Oshakati . as daar nog van ons ou troepe is wat op die web is my e pos is daar . ek nog steeds by weermag betrokke .

Date: Mon 6/3/13 7:09AM
From: Jurie Swanepoel

Message: Diensplig gedoen vanaf 1981 tot 1983. Het ingeklaar by TDK toe oorgeplaas 11 kommando toe; van daar af na 8 SAI en toe na 5SAI waarvan ek grensdiens verrrig het by Eenhana; Elundu; Okolongo en Onjiva, Het daai bosse plat geloop op patrollie. Het in 2012 weer by die kampe in Eenhana en Elundu gaan draai; die PB's woon nog steeds in hulle selfgeboude hutte met takkrale soos 30 jaar gelede. Wonder altyd wat het geword van die manne wat saam my daai tyd gesweet het in die bos.

Date: Sat 11/24/12 2:05PM
From: Johan Tengroth Sweden

Message: Dear Sir, Thank you for an very intersting and well done homepage. Anybody who have any information about the organisation of 4th Survey regiment?

Date: Mon 11/26/12 8:18AM
From: J.Day.

Message: Het basies April66 in Oudtshoorn gedoen. Toe 4Sai en Inf skool. Tenkafweer.Het basies April66 in Oudtshoorn gedoen. Toe 4Sai en Inf skool. Tenkafweer.

Date: Wed 11/28/12 1:21PM
From: Nico

Message: 1987 - 1988 Best time of my life. Miss those days.

Date: Tue 12/4/12 5:00PM
From: Paul MacDonald

Message: Thank you for the information on your website. I am interested in all types of military history. I became interested in the SADF/Border War when I read Robert Pitta's book South African Special Forces.


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