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Date: Sun 14/2/10 3:08PM
From: Dewald de Lange

Message: Looking for any "tiffie" dress wear from flashes to beret badges balkies and belt buckles also any tiffies from grootie 1985-1986 101 workshops hit me up would love to reconnect with pals thanks!!

Date: Sun 14/2/10 12:35PM
From: Gieliam Oberholzer

Message: Op soek na skouer flashes van die volgende eenhede waar ek was :10 LA Regt, 4 Veld Regt, Art skool, RVR Regt op Vereeninging, asb Dankie

Date: Fri 12/2/10 2:52PM
From: Michael Cotchobos

Message: I would like to connect with GUNNERS who served with me in Artillery Brigade in Potch and Lohatla (Army Battle School). I am desperately seeking photographs of my time during the 2 years service. If you know me, then please drop me an email. Thanks! Michael (Theo) Cotchobos

Date: Fri 12/2/10 10:30AM
From: Renier du Toit

Message: 1977/78 Inf. School and 1 Para. Bn. Did PT and Hanger course with Kobus Hoon, who later did Pathfinders course. Inf. School- we were about 10 qualified Paratroopers doing JL's- me, Piet Walters, Eddie Conradie, Albie Valentyn and Andre Stemmet became 2Lt's and Sakkie Cornelissen, Lang Bez, Derick Otto, Jan Bal Bester and Goosen became Cpl's.

Date: Tue 9/2/10 10:59PM
From: Iain Clark

Message: 2 SAI Anti-Tank and other O COY troops Feb'87-Dec'88 - Ruacana, Hurricane and all points between. Reunion this year in England, email me me for details!

Date: Tue 9/2/10 9:44AM
From: Kobus Le Grange

Message: ENIGE OUENS VAN FAFFASKOOL-1986 en 203BN 1987?

Date: Sat 6/2/10 10:18AM
From: C Pole

Message: Fantastic - I am SO GLAD there is a site like this - glad I am not the only person with fond memories of what you guys did for the country. GOD BLESS YOU!

Date: Sat 6/2/10 9:29AM
From: Barry Hales (aka Bags)

Message: 1985-1987, 7SAI, Oscar Coy, 106 Pltn, 2SAI: Anti-Tank (106mmRecoiless Rifle), Eenhaana(86), support/operator RM(87). Back to 7SAI to klaar out. Any of the Oscar Platoon guys here?

Date: Fri 5/2/10 7:40PM
From: Zane Gregory

Message: In memory of Zane Gregory (Brent Gregory's older brother). An Officer and a true gentlemen. You are remembered with fondness always. Zane was killed in a boating accident on the Vaal Dam in 2001. For God and Country!

Date: Fri 5/2/10 7:38PM
From: Brent Gregory

Message: In memory of Brent Gregory - Prison Services (1984-1985) A great friend and person. Killed in 1989 in a car accident. You will always be remembered - that is why I named my son after you. A man of honour. Will see you again when the Lord establishes His Kingdom on earth. For God and Country!

Date: Fri 5/2/10 1:38PM
From: Mike Baile

Message: Cpl Mike Baile 6 SAI 79-81 - Hi guys lets hear from the buddies of that time!

Date: Fri 5/2/10 1:34PM
From: Rob Pole

Message: 86332863BG - Basics in Heidelberg - 1992 (1 yr) 2nd Leiutenant. Personnel Service School in Pretoria. Did JL's too. Was only married 6 months when I had to do it - it was the last intake - glad I did! Wife is a champion for the old SADF. God bless you guys.

Date: Fri 5/2/10 12:41PM
From: Dorian Fish

Message: This is in memory of my friend, Dorian Fish of CT. Did his time in Tempe, Bloem. 1982-1983. He died in 1984 in a motorbike accident. Wanted his memory honoured. He was a great friend and did his bit for this country. (Cindy)

Date: Fri 5/2/10 9:24AM
From: Cindy

Message: I second Maureen in her gratefulness to all the heros of the ex SADF - you guys rock! My teenage son knows all about you and that you were the best fighting force on the African continent. As P.M. Ian Smtih said: "We weren't beaten by our enemies - we were betrayed by our friends". You will always be remembered. God bless you all.

Date: Thu 4/2/10 3:09PM
From: nnnnnnn..19

Message: Ex-Kpl Bester (Bessie) - Infanterie Skool Echo Comp (1985) & 101Bn Romeo Mike (1986 - 1987) Kontak my asb.

Date: Wed 3/2/10 10:26PM
From: Dewald de Lange

Message: Still waiting for any tiffies who served at 101 workshops at Grootfontein in 1985-1986. Daai dae sal ons nooit vergeet nie en ek wil graag van enige troepe hoor wat in Grooties was enige iemand wat ons geken het in die KM. Die site is die beste en hoop ons hoor nog veel meer van ons se beste manne!

Date: Sat 30/1/10 7:38PM
From: Andreas Schwarz

Message: Big thanks to the maker(s) of this site here! I'm here very often, to look for information about the SADF and SAP. It's pretty hard to find information... The mankind never should forget, that brave guys served for the old South Africa! Cheer up guys and stay proud for Africa!

Date: Mon 25/1/10 9:57PM
From: Leon Watermeyer

Message: I wasn't a SANDFSM but my eldest brother was, and my father was. To all the guys sharing their stories of actual events I salute you and every day of my life I wish I was there to bask in the glory of triumph. You will NEVER be forgotten.

Date: Sun 24/1/10 3:02AM
From: Tony de Jager

Message: Definitief `n stunning site!!!! Dankie dat jy ons help om weer met mekaar kontak te maak. I did my stint Jan `85 - Dec `86. Started basics at 21 Field Bethlehem and ended at 25 Field Oshakati. I would love to hear from other SAPPERS from the same era. ONS SAL ANTWOORD OP JOU ROEPSTEM, ONS VIR JOU (OU) SUID AFRIKA.

Date: Thu 21/1/10 6:29PM
From: Bossie Bosman

Message: Dankie vir n baie goeie website wil graag kontak maak met manne van 78 - 79 inname medics te 4SAI Middelburg. Ops askari ens.


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