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Date: Mon 6/8/07 2:36PM
From: Eric Filmalter

Message: 8 SAI 1976-77 - Great site bringing back good and bad memories - Upington in Summer and Winter (tentdorp), Riemvasmaak, then Oshivelo, Ombalantu, Nkongo, Okalongo and others - Would like to make contact with soldiers during that time - Major Struwig's time and Koevoet whom we worked with.

Date: Sun 22/7/07 9:02AM
From: Gordon Pugh

Message: 5SAI Assualt Pioneers 82 to 84. a good place to take a walk down memory lane. From time to time, one wonders what became of the men who were there.

Date: Fri 20/7/07 4:55AM
From: Steyn Fourie

Message: Was van die laaste iname in 93! mis die goeie ou dae!

Date: Wed 18/7/07 1:47PM
From: Vincent Olivier

Message: Served 80 -81 4TH Field Potch- went through Protea. Great Site. Let us never forget. Brothers in arms forever.

Date: Tue 17/7/07 1:54PM
From: Tony Fourie

Message: 82410945BG - served 83-85' @ 1.SSB. Glad I could of done it at that time. Miss all my army buddies. Proud of all my buddies, we had good times and bad. Glad we all returned back safley from our border trips.

Date: Tue 17/7/07 12:20AM
From: Olaf Meys (83588384BT)

Message: (note the T indicating finished service ;-) ). Seems we were doing our 2 years at the same time, although I was SAAF. Nice site. and the old memories came flooding back. It certainly WAS an interesting time I never want to do again!

Date: Mon 9/7/07 11:03AM
From: Mark

Message: 89612246BG, Moerse cool site, lekker om al die ou stories te lees, bring baie memories terug. Keep it up.

Date: Thu 5/7/07 2:06PM
From: Willy

Message: Keep it going no regrets 1st intake 7SAI Bourkes Luck 74. Cant remember how many bases but Kwando, Mahanene, ondangwa Nkongo and Ruacana stand any of the old 7SAI 74 guys still out there A coy PL 2 SEC 1

Date: Sat 30/6/07 7:15AM
From: Frans van Niekerk Cpl

Message: What a brilliant site !!! Please keep up good work. I even long back to Oshigambo days in 1981/82. Best regards,Frans.

Date: Sat 8/6/07 10:26AM
From: Richard Sheehan

Message: Hi - son sent me the link. He always hears us talking "army" stories when the guys get together. Did basics at 22 Field Squadron,Bethlehem,2nd phase and then to 25 Field in Oshikati. 10 of us sent to Elundu. Tiny camp 7 kliks from the yati - Swept Oom willie's se pad and the chandelier rd many occasions.Lifted 1st mine after 2 months - we all got sloshed that night. Cheers

Date: Mon 4/6/07 4:49PM
From: Ratam Rautenbach

Message: Genieskool 1981 Bossiesspruit Bravo troep

Date: Thu 31/5/07 8:12PM
From: Johan Rudolph

Message: 89477459 PE 1991 - 1998 8SAI, 5SAI, Groep36, Groep25, Groep24, Groep16. Lekker om weer oor die goeie tye te lees. AVANTE

Date: Sun 27/5/07 2:44AM
From: Gregory Ninow

Message: 73459836BA, great site, The old land is no longer. I miss the african skies, the red soil and brotherhood

Date: Sun 20/5/07 9:32AM
From: Ditto van Biljon

Message: 8 SAI - 84/85 - A comp. Border duty at Etale, Okolongo, "Baken 16" & Oshakati. Dave, have a look at the 8 SAI site ( I've posted photo's that you will relate to. Great web site, thanx!

Date: Thu 17/5/07 2:54PM
From: Jaime Lopes


Date: Tue 15/5/07 9:11PM
From: Raymond Finiff

Message: Great site!!!! Almost came to S.A. in 1986 after I got out of USMC, but was talked out of it by my Father. Kind of wish I had though. Regards, Ray

Date: Tue 15/5/07 8:32PM
From: Richard Barnett

Message: 8 SAI, C comp 83 june intake looking to find men of my section. if anybody can help on how i do this please get in touch. thanks richard

Date: Wed 9/5/07 2:08AM
From: Eric

Message: 77437150BG Ex 61 Mech 1981, Bravo coy. Would all who served in 61 what ever the year please contact me with a view to meeting up in SA next year?

Date: Mon 30/4/07 6:34PM
From: Mark Simon

Message: National service at SAI 1977. Served 2 year. Force no 73308140 BG. Would love to hear from some old friends. Served most of my time on border. Completed 8 camps. Good days and taught me to be a man.

Date: Sat 21/4/07 6:58PM
From: Marco Dessena

Message: 83295394BG, 5 signal Reg. (1985-86). Great site to bring back ALOT of memories. I can't believe I can still remember my army number..... AAAH the good old bad old days!!


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