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Date: Sun 03/31/19 3:58PM
From: Alan Exton

Message: I was in the TSC allocated to 54 Medium Workshops and served 22 years in the SADF

Date: Tue 03/12/19 3:09PM
From: Roger Holman

Message: Hey Trompie

Good to see you on this site. Jup. Rooibaard was a law until himself. Great soldier and mentor.

Date: Thu 02/21/19 3:04PM
From: Michael Pym

Message: Hi all! Still remember my force no: 74595596 BG How's that!!
Basics at 11 Commando Kimberley - 1978
Drafted into Cape Flats Commando...Operational area duties 1981 - M'Pacha Sector 70 Caprivi. Was an LMG 1 for the Reaction Force there. Flew quite a few sorties in Puma's..
Back in Caprivi in 1983, this time Wenela Base in Katima. Was a stipper/plotter for mortar platoon. Lotsa memories (i smuggled photos back into the states...but they were stolen in a burglary!

Date: Tue 01/8/19 12:24AM
From: Dawid Gerber

Message: Iname: January 1993
1 Onderhouds eenheid, Diskobolos
Het gekyk na n paar fotos op sosiale media, jissie manne, ons was darem paraat. Kan nie dieselfde sê vandag nie.

Date: Fri 12/14/18 8:59AM
From: Norman Woods

Message: Looking for Staff Sargeant Lord Kruger who was in Delta Company, Anti Tank, Infantry School. Please mail me if you have a contact or know of his whereabouts. Thanks.

Date: Tue 09/25/18 8:37PM
From: Marius Burger

Message: Marius Burger 1sai 1981,,4sai 1982 border duty

Date: Fri 09/7/18 12:13AM
From: Cpl mp sehanka

Message: I hope you will help me find my IRP5 for tax year 2008

Date: Tue 07/31/18 12:15AM
From: Pikkie Westraadt

Message: Was in 8 SAI 84 -85 A company het grensdiens gedoen sector 10 wil graag van pileton 5 se manne hoor was in seksie 1

Date: Fri 07/13/18 5:03PM
From: Sean James

Message: National service Air Force. 16 SQD Port Elisabeth & 60 SQD, Waterkloof.

Date: Sun 04/8/18 1:28AM
From: L/Cpl Michael Howard

Message: Very interesting site. July 1982-June 1984 6SAI Grahamstown,Golf Company.Did Border duty from Feb83-June84 Ogongo 52Bn Sector 10 Owaboland,Ondangwa 53SAI, Eenhana 54,Rundu AFB Sector 20 Okavango, Nepara 55bn Owamboland. Also Oshivello a couple of times.Hard but fun.Thanks.God bless.

Date: Wed 04/4/18 1:06PM
From: Renier

Message: Goeie dag

Ek wil probeer uitvind wie was in 1 Veld genie in 1993.

Date: Sun 03/4/18 8:07PM
From: Chris Pyper

Message: Hi daar, ek het diens gedoen by 2SDB Zeerust vanaf Julie 1977 to 1979. Was ook vanaf Januarie 79 tot Julie 79 by 3 MOB in Windhoek. Sal graag wil hoor van die manne wat saam met my was.Groete.

Date: Sat 01/13/18 1:25PM
From: Jack Dinon

Message: Great website

Date: Fri 01/12/18 8:06AM
From: Riaan van Zyl

Message: Looking for Sakkie Engelbrecht. 1985-1986 F-Coy Parabats

Date: Mon 01/8/18 9:06AM
From: Ben Bezuidenhout

Message: Was in die Militêre Polisie in 1992 te Voortrekker hoogte. Daarna na Lens verplaas.

Date: Thu 12/28/17 6:27AM
From: Col

Message: A required tribute to The then Staff Jack Pearce . Your training given in 1972 3 inf Bn. Gave me the guts and knowledge to be a officer delivering service to the SADF. . From a RFN. To Col. sound grounding. Added further thanks to (Then)Major Roberts.

Date: Mon 12/11/17 9:23PM
From: Hantie

Message: hi julle. wonderlikke stories ♡ ek praat nou naamens my pa Albertus Fredrick Wilhelm Marshall WRN - 65836702 wat deel van die SADF was in 1965 hy het in die suid - wes / Angola oorlog geweg. Ons wil bitter graag dalk net uitvind of daar nog mense met ons is of as daar n paar photos is. Ons waardeur dit opreg . ☆

Date: Sat 09/30/17 2:48AM
From: Patrick 74437989BG

Message: Looking for old friends that did their basics in 1978-1980 at 21 Field Regiment in Bethlehem

Date: Thu 08/3/17 12:48PM
From: Hennie Doman

Message: What an Amazing site, WELL DONE. Did my part from '86-'87 4 Art Regiment 1 Medium Battery. Ops Modular '87. Would like to here from the guys (Peter Grobler, Piet Pelser, Fanie Bruwer etc.) that were there as well.

Date: Thu 07/13/17 12:44PM
From: Jeff Rainsford

Message: Wow, just stumbled on this fantastic site.
Basic’s at 7SAI Bourke’s Luck (Graskop) January 1974, straight from school – what a contrast. Thereafter moved to 3SAI in Potchefstroom. Specialised in mortars, but ended up section leader of standard infantry section. Did 2 border stints. First was 3 months on Mozambique border, what a bitch patrolling in the Kruger Park. Second was 5 months on Angolan border along the Kunene River mostly, based at the satellite Sodalite Camp west of Swartbooisdrift. Thankfully, no contact during my border stints, praises to those who did! Total of 18 months.


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