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Date: Wed 29/3/06 1:10PM
From: J.C. van der Walt (Lt)

Message: Great !!! Served for 15 years in the SADF. 1975-1990. 14 Field & 3 SAI Potch and then in Vereeniging Commando. Went to the border 6 x 3 months. We were of the first in 1975 in Operation Savanna. Good and bad memories do we have. We will not forget our buddies who fought side by side and buddies who paid with their lives !!! Proud to have been a part of this history. EEN DRAG MAAK MAG, Ons vir jou Suid-Afrika!

Date: Thu 9/3/06 8:05PM
From: Ivan Churr

Message: Hi great site! I was at 1SSB (supporty) 1979 - 1980. Went into Angola with 61 Meg. in 1980 (operation sceptic)?

Date: Wed 8/3/06 5:26PM
From: Patrick

Message: Well done! Brillient site! SWATF 101 RM the best of the best

Date: Sat 18/2/06 4:57PM
From: Paul Doria

Message: Old soldiers never die! Where are you Bokkoppe from 7 SAI 1982-84 charlie coy, or are there still a few alive and kicking? Would love to hear from you fellows!

Date: Thu 16/2/06 3:25PM
From: Clinton Range

Message: Great site. Served 1SSB July '86 to July '88. Ops Modular and Hooper. Brings back a lot of memories, both good and bad. "Eendrag Maak Mag"

Date: Tue 14/2/06 8:54AM
From: Nardus van Blerk

Message: Just wanna know if anyone knew a Ben van Blerk? He was my dad and he fought in Angola 1976. He died in a motorcycle accident in 1984. Only dealing with his death 22 years later. If anyone has any info on him pls e-mail me!

Date: Sat 4/2/06 12:35AM
From: Bret Arntzen

Message: 5 SAI : 1982-1984 D-Company. Brings back a heap of memories. I am living in the UK and great to hear from fellow 5 SAI members. Does anyone remember S/SGT Van der Linde who had a speech problem ???

Date: Thu 19/1/06 8:57AM
From: Trompie Terblanche

Message: Great to see a lot of 5 SAI members logging in. Yes Rooibaard is a legend and a first class soldier. Bigfoot is also a name which gave us a lot to talk and debate about while on patrol. Other names from 5 SAI (1980 to 1982) are Capt Van Lill, Commandant Harris alias JOCK PROMISES, Cpl Fandarro

Date: Mon 16/1/06 9:59PM
From: Andy

Message: Excellent site, followed a link posted by Bundu basher on MilitaryImages.Net. A fantastic insight into a Military Force I had very little knowledge of. Regards Andy

Date: Mon 16/1/06 9:47PM
From: Paul Gladwin

Message: Excellent site!!! Really brought back some memories... Served in School of Armour (JL's '86) and 4 SAI (Ops Moduler '87) "At thy call we did not falter..."

Date: Sat 14/1/06 3:11PM
From: Daniel Oosthuizen

Message: Guy's does anyone remember the legend of SWAPO's "Big Foot" The gook that travelled along 8km of barbed wire fence to lose his spoor, apparently this guy had a size 15 boot and moved like a ghost.. Truth is even SWAPO had some heros

Date: Sat 14/1/06 3:01PM
From: Daniel Oosthuizen

Message: Giles, I spent a long time fighting in SWA/Angola in the early 80's. The war was about protecting the SA mandate to govern SWA until 1999. We were given that mandate by the United Nations after helping defeat the German Kaiser in the 1st world war. SWA was a German colony before that. We had every right to defend what was ours given by international agreement. Every man that fought and fell in that war is a hero! We must never forget. Brothers, fathers and sons died so that you could enjoy your education. Don't fool yourself into thinking that the Cubans & Chinese where there to make a moral stand - they where there for the Namibian mineral wealth. We did get USA backing to fight what was in those days a real threat to freedom Communism!

Date: Fri 13/1/06 7:13PM
From: Rodney Isemann

Message: HL/Cpl mortars 5 SAI, 87-88. Duty in PMB, Grahamstown and PE and border at Nkongo in 88. Oscar and Bravo companies. Live in UK now. Great site James, well done. We will never forget. I'd like to hear from anybody I knew, my memory is quite bad for names/dates but anybody knew Rory Carrick or other names are Dippenaar, Prinsloo, Nel. Some of my guys. Kudos to all of us - "The Bad Guys"

Date: Mon 9/1/06 3:23PM
From: Daniel Oosthuizen

Message: This is a great site. Well done!! 5 SAI 1982 - 1984. Does anyone remember Rooi Bard - Sgt Major Oosthuizen from 5 SAI. We all hated him back then ... but now - looking back - I think he is probably one of the bravest soldiers I ever had the privilege of serving under!

Date: Wed 4/1/06 4:44PM
From: Jacques Weber

Message: I did my one year service at 8 SAI Upington in 1993. Became a BEV gunner 12.7 and went to all those bad places. Lohatla, Riemvasmaak etc.What a time. Thank you for the site. Glad I could be part of it.

Date: Mon 2/1/06 8:09AM
From: Thomas Dainat

Message: Great site. Thanks very much for the memories. I was part of Northern Transvaal Medical Command and later 5 Medical Bn as one of the 12 Surgeon General's Guards (Jan 86 to Dec 87) - Thomas Dainat 84546860 BG/BT

Date: Thu 29/12/05 8:18PM
From: Anton AO2 Beer

Message: Ons sal dit nooit vergeet nie. 2 Lt. Wynand Pearson ek sal jou nooit vergeet nie, my vriend

Date: Tue 20/12/05 12:41PM
From: Mark Algar

Message: Cpl, 7 SAI, 83-85, Border Duty - Opuwa, Dec 83 - Feb 84, 905 Co. - Sec 20 Feb 84 - July 85. The best days of my life!! Let us never forget!

Date: Sun 18/12/05 12:11AM
From: Giles Hulley

Message: I was never in the SADF, I went to university instead, then as I finished conscription was scrapped... unless I missed it of course, I never saw any mention of the fact that the government denied that the war was going on in the early 80's ... I also heard the government was in Angola for other reasons, and that the USA backed the South African effort there, partly because the Cubans were involved!? I would be interested to hear from guys who were actually there what they thought was going on!?

Date: Wed 14/12/05 9:05PM
From: Dennis Finch

Message: Hi Guys! What a good site. Did my training in 11 Commando Kimberley 78/79 Border duty Old Etale, Old Okatope, Rundu, New Okatope and Ondangwa. Lets hear from old soldiers of 11 Commando. Any ex SADF guys in the U.K. lets organise a SPIT BRAAI!!


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