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Date: Wed 16/8/06 2:05PM
From: Rob Pienaar

Message: 1 SAI basics, Infantry school, Oudtshoorn, 31 Battalion + PF Navy Diving officer. A great site, I still believe my fight was against terrorism and my views haven't changed. I am certainly proud of all I had dealings with. Lekker Vasbyt!!

Date: Sat 12/8/06 6:04PM
From: Peter Bolton

Message: Intake 1 SAI 1972 and Dbn Regt SWA SPEC COINOPS until 1978 - Love the pics on the site -- THEY LOOK REALLY GOOD -- I totally go along with your comment that we were the original oumanne, thank you for saying that. It means a lot to us guys, who went out into the unknown in the early days, left out in the bush to get on with it with FN's / R1's, basic kit, the old type staaldak & equipment, lots of ammo and grenades, some flares, lots of water bottles, and just a small radio to contact base with.

Date: Thu 10/8/06 12:13AM
From: CB

Message: Glad I found this site. Was called up in 1980, after university, to Oudtshoorn. Declared G4K4 due to an allergy I then had, and assigned to Civic Action as a teacher in my home province (then Natal). Wonder if anyone can help me locate the site of the Duncan camp near Jan Kempdorp, where I spent three wasted weeks before going down to Natal. Does anyone have any memories of Duncan? Have lived now for almost two decades in Switzerland, and would be keen to contact ex-SADF guys by e-mail, who were in Oudtshoorn and/or Jan Kempdorp/Duncan in the early 80's.

Date: Mon 7/8/06 5:13PM
From: Johan Steyn (JD)

Message: 77255479BG - Great site, thanks for a site where we can remember, although we will never forget. 3 SAI Potch, Ruacana, Luandagai, Umbalantu, Okatopi. Oranje, Blanje, Blou leef vir altyd!!

Date: Mon 7/8/06 3:05PM
From: Riekert Giliomee

Message: If there are any old SADF soldiers out there who now live in the UK. We are trying to organise a BBQ and just chat in general about the old days. Please get in contact with me. Min Dae!!!

Date: Wed 2/8/06 6:37PM
From: bigwheel

Message: 77452372bg/t - hoe klink betlehem kroonstad rundu bogani chetto piet se wit pad mgb grug baily brug dalk het jy van ons soet water gedrink of dalk agter op die buffel beskerming vir ons gery nogmaal dankie ou maat

Date: Wed 2/8/06 6:25PM
From: Yollie

Message: Hi guys.... Im looking for any information about Albertus Wynand van der Linde...(Ali).. If anyone has any info please drop me a mail...pretty please

Date: Sun 30/7/06 8:03AM
From: Vaughn Cross

Message: To all the unsung HEROS...........I salute you... No slow March will bring back our "maaitjies" No experience ahead will make us forget, but let us a band of "BROTHERS" say.....WE DID IT.....

Date: Sun 23/7/06 12:31AM
From: Kobus Delport

Message: Great site. Ek wil weet of iemand my pa Johan 'Kalahari' Delport geken het. Hy was in die vroee 80's op die SWA en Angola grens as enige iemand stories het oor hom sal ek dit waardeer. Dankie

Date: Sat 22/7/06 9:07AM
From: Marco Chella

Message: great site brings back alot of memories my intake was 85-87 , 8SAI Upington if anybody was in that intake give me a shout. I now serve in the British army.

Date: Wed 19/7/06 10:15PM
From: Paul Sabino

Message: stumbled across the site looking for Ratel foto; well done, guys; basics at Rooikop Walvis Bay Jan 87, 1 SAI? later had it easy, with special signals 16 months Oshakati till Dec 88. If Savimbi / Unita had been in power in Angola, politics in SA would have been more to the center, and not a onesided disaster. A number of units were pre selected for Israel duty, and now it seems armagedeon is getting closer!

Date: Mon 17/7/06 5:33AM
From: Craig

Message: Howzit. Great site. The past returns. I was with the South African Army Corps of Engineers 22 field Bethlehem during 1983 and 1984. 82597352 BG. LCPL. I now live in Australia (Marine Engineer)

Date: Thu 13/7/06 5:31AM
From: Drew Chaney

Message: COMOPS / PSYOPS: Howzit Guys - I am looking for information, contacts or possible photos of psychological operations actions i.e. loudspeaker operations, leaflet drops, groundshout / skyshout ops, deception operations and the like. Interested in Comops with PB's internally within townships and examples of leaflets, propaganda etc. Please get hold of me. Great site. Drew -Sydney, Australia

Date: Mon 10/7/06 11:35AM
From: Martin Vorster

Message: 84545698BG - My time was 87-88, 5 SAI, Assault Pioneers. Lost touch with all but 1 buddy. Lots of Township duty, then Border, Ogongo, Napara, Sector 2 Zero. Did ALL my Camps afterwards....Crazy !! Any buddies out there?

Date: Sun 9/7/06 8:46AM
From: Chris Theunissen

Message: 77395291BG. Great site with lots of memories. I served in SA Air Force (Penguin ... Only one in a thousand flew) as a "doggie". Served in Grootfontein and 11AD, Cape Town. A time I will never forget !!

Date: Tue 4/7/06 2:47PM
From: Stuart Brown

Message: Hi great site, did my time 78-80, Jan intake 4sai middelburg. Old memories long suppressed resurfaced good & bad. Any old 4sai buddies out there.

Date: Tue 4/7/06 9:55AM
From: Danny Loughlin

Message: Hi great site, need more like this one, also can anyone help me with pics or info on alvis saracen apcs used in the south african army, I am restoring one and would be grateful for any thing, unit markings etc, many thanks. 9-11-01 never forget

Date: Tue 4/7/06 9:43AM
From: Daniel Oosthuizen

Message: I have to say that every visit to this guest book fills me with emotion. It is like revisiting old family members!! Once a Bokkop always a Bokkop. The unsung heros of the bush war!

Date: Fri 30/6/06 6:29PM
From: Carl Koekemoer

Message: The photos of Grant Alexander remind me of training @ 2 Field and border duty @ 25 Field. Grant, if you can remember the nickname "MOUSE" then we were in the same unit and so were Ryle, Klubbe, Parker etc. I need to know if there are any sappers that did service @ 25 field Eng Regiment Oshakati Dec 85-86 that was in bravo-troep?

Date: Fri 23/6/06 10:00AM
From: Allan Fraser

Message: 75300129BG. To all my friends that where in Genieskool, Kroonstad with me 1982-83. I have lost touch with David Farquarhson and Andre Veenhuis. Our 2 years had a profound and lasting impact on all of us.


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