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Date: Mon 29/8/05 11:12AM
From: F Pieterse

Message: Thanks for the great site! Bring goeie en slegte herhinneringe terug. Ek was 82 in 1SAI, 83 in 4SAI sowel as 61/62meg op die grens. Deelgeneem in Ops Dolfyn en Askari se begin. Hartseer en skokkend om te weet hoe die nuwe SANDF nou lyk!

Date: Wed 24/7/05 8:48PM
From: Andrew Hampson

Message: Anything associated with the State President's Guard would be appreciated. Thanks.

Date: Fri 1/7/05 4:44PM
From: Catherine

Message: Thank you for this super site. Been looking everywhere for decent info on the SADF. Found info relating to JLs (among other things) very helpful. Thank you once again!

Date: Sat 25/6/05 8:03PM
From: Boris Isfort

Message: Hallo James, endlich mal ruhe und Zeit für deine Story. Echt gelungen. Klasse.

Date: Thu 23/6/05 10:34PM
From: Martin Usher

Message: Great site, been looking for old buddies from 523TP,seems very difficult!

Date: Thu 2/6/05 1:05AM
From: Ettiene Cronje

Message: Hey guys. Son of CPL J.I.L Cronje from 6 SAI here. He serverd from 1972-1979. He also served in 52Bn/1 Ovambo and took part in Ops Reindeer. If anybody thinks he might remember/know him please contact me. He is desperately looking for some people. Will be a great help! Thanks!

Date: Sun 27/5/05 1:23AM
From: J.C. Meintjes

Message: This is a great site. I do have fond memories of the army. I did my training in 1SAI Tempe Bloem in 1986 and my 2nd year I was in South West Africa 61 mechanised brigade. Greetings J.C.Meintjes

Date: Sat 26/5/05 8:59PM
From: Craig Woliter

Message: Great Site! Brought back a lot of memories of my time in 1 SAI (1987) and 61 Mech (1988).

Date: Sat 5/5/05 2:06AM
From: Dave Santer

Message: A real trip down memory lane. I did my stint from 81-83 at 8sai and finished at 6sai. Border duty in sectors 10 and 30. 78528114BT

Date: Sat 30/4/05 1:24PM
From: Lynton

Message: Great site, good that someone has made the effort to remember all of us who made the trip!

Date: Wed 27/4/05 9:31PM
From: Dale Schulz

Message: Hi - good site! Dale

Date: Thu 7/4/05 1:02AM
From: Mark Barwood

Message: Nice site. Also 1 SAI in 87 and 4 SAI in 88.

Date: Sat 2/4/05 11:28AM
From: Jaco Booysen

Message: I was in the last NSM intake at 1SAI '93 and made the Defence Force a career for 13 years. In June 2004 I resigned as a Corporal and am currently living in the UK. I'm really struggling to find my feet in civvy street and I was really glad when I came across this site. If there are any ex SA Forces guys here I'd like to hear from you. Cheers!!

Date: Fri 25/3/05 2:05AM
From: John Kennedy

Message: Excellent site! As a Canadian ex-armoured crewman, and military history student, I have always been interested in the activities of the SADF. Outstanding information here. Happy Easter to all and hopes that our efforts will bring a more peaceful society on both sides of the ocean.

Date: Wed 16/3/05 2:30PM
From: Grant Howard

Message: Stunning site! Glad to see the history is still being kept alive. Gnr Grant Howard, 47 Battery, 4 Artillery Regt, Potch, last NSM intake Jan 1993.

Date: Thu 10/3/05 9:53PM
From: 84392843BG

Message: I was a member of 25 Field Squadron at the end of 87 to end of 88. your web site has reminded me of a lot of things long forgotten. I have enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Cheers! Scott

Date: Thu 10/3/05 2:10AM
From: Karl S.

Message: Great website nice to see some stuff about the SADF out on the web. Keep up the good work. KS

Date: Tue 8/3/05 10:27PM
From: Robbie Crouch

Message: James, my attempt pales in comparison. Well done mate! I will have to pull up my socks and get behind the keyboard. Will be putting up a link... sometime... promise! 70300389BV

Date: Tue 8/3/05 9:10AM
From: Simon

Message: Brilliant site - well done. Also keeping it alive - SA Irish Pipes and Drums are at the Edinburgh Tattoo this year.

Date: Sat 20/2/05 5:26PM
From: Carl

Message: An excellent web site. Any old soldiers staying in Boksburg and surrounding areas. I AM A MOTH member looking for third generation soldiers to join our Sphinx Shellhole. Any one that is interested can contact me. Old Soldiers never die, we will remember them.


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