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Date: Sun 7/24/11 7:41PM
From: Armando Teles

Message: 80611692BG - What a great site this is! I did my service 7-85 to 7-87 at 7 SAI border at Ondangwa and Eenhana. Great memories and sadness for those that did not come home. We all served in our own way.

Date: Mon 7/25/11 12:17PM
From: Frans van Niekerk

Message: Hope all well James... I suggest you add something in memory of Genl. Malan who passed away last week. We salute him! Best regards, Frans

Date: Thu 21/4/11 2:05AM
From: Theo van Zyl

Message: Dankie vir 'n great site! 86363900BG Sktr. Theo van Zyl. 1SAI, Echo kompanie. In geklaar vir 2 jaar, maar op die ou einde net 18 mnde gedoen.

Date: Fri 15/4/11 11:36AM
From: Russell Delport

Message: Was up north at Ogongo and Ruacana between 1982 and 1983, This site has brought back some very good memories and some bad

Date: Thu 14/4/11 1:34PM
From: Des Meyer

Message: 76254846 PE WO2 D.R.Meyer Served in Oshakati for 3 years from 1986 to 1988, served as Media Photographer at Sector 10 HQ and photographed operations (and fought in them as well.) Made so many friends in Oshakati and retired from the SANDF in 1997. Was then serving at Natal Command. The SADF was my life from 1979 first as an infantryman and then as a Military Intelligence NCO. Served in Kimberley,Upington, Cape Town,Potchefstroom, Durban and the Oshakati. Dont long for those army days, but I sure do miss the mates I met in my time as a soldier.

Date: Fri 8/4/11 12:10PM
From: Johan Boshoff

Message: 88291521BG. 1991 in 2SSB Zeerust ingeklaar. Na verkorte basies van 6 weke moes ek dringend Lohathla toe vir opleiding. nie grens toe nie maar net so goed op Lohathla. Man geword. Great site. Ons was die SAW.

Date: Tue 5/4/11 5:56AM
From: Tom Laubscher

Message: Great site! We once all shared the Experience of the SADF, now we are scattered to the four corners of the Earth. Doesn't matter where we are now, we once served ... 79624060BG L/S Pullen, SA Navy. Now Queensland, Australia

Date: Sat 2/4/11 8:46AM
From: Dave Pullen

Message: Great site! We once all shared the Experience of the SADF, now we are scattered to the four corners of the Earth. Doesn't matter where we are now, we once served ... 79624060BG L/S Pullen, SA Navy. now Queensland, Australia

Date: Fri 25/3/11 4:07AM
From: Duncan

Message: Great site! Served 4th Field Regt. 1974-1975. Would like to make contact with Bdr R.van Wyk 1975. To all those soldiers who never came home.."We will remember them"

Date: Thu 24/3/11 8:28PM
From: Kevin Combrink

Message: 73328866 Served 11 Commando 1975. Ondangwa Looking for: Robin West ,Gregory Bond, Tim McClauglin. Andre Stander, Andre Giquill. and all the rest of Platoon 4

Date: Tue 22/3/11 6:03PM
From: Pierre Prinsloo

Message: 81052094BG (vir Baie G-tvol). - Was 86/87 op die grens en 'n paar noue ontkomings gehad. Ratel taai opleiding gehad in 7SAI en Mafaf-Skool. Diensplig was meeste van die tyd taai maar lekker - seuns het mans geword in 'n kort tyd. Mis daai dae!

Date: Tue 22/3/11 7:10AM
From: Gary Clarke

Message: I was stationed at Mahanene during 1977/78 with the then Owambo Bn (later 52 Bn after I left). I would like to connect with guys who were stationed there at that time. I particularly would like to connect with the Owambo's who worked at the agricultural research station adjacent to the base at that time.

Date: Mon 21/3/11 9:36AM
From: C Kuijpers

Message: I was stationed on Sector10 Oshakati between 80 and 82 and also helped Al J Venter and T Steenkamp to make a documentary which was called War on the Border and Into Angola. Have been on many operations and missions because I was a Tiffy Recovery driver during this time. This site brings back memories. If anyone out there is of my time, lets communicate!

Date: Mon 21/3/11 9:14AM
From: Herman Kriel

Message: 70313341BC 2LT J.H. Kriel. 1974 - 1976 - Looking for Johan (Mackie) Grobler. His father was a Homeopathic doctor in Potgietersrust. Also looking for Boet Moni from Pretoria. Also Johan Erasmus from Gravelotte.

Date: Thu 10/3/11 11:26AM
From: Raymond Whittaker

Message: I once was a soldier 69306793 - 2nd lieutenant unit MI now I sit and wonder was it for nothing, friends I lost in the war are forgotten by many, but they will never be forgotten to me. Long Live The South African Defence Force of the Past!

Date: Sun 27/2/11 8:35PM
From: Casper (Cassie) Pretorius

Message: 74564360BT - Daarsy... kan hom nog onthou! Love your website - a lot of good memories. 3 SAI, Infanterie School Oudshoorn (1978), 8 SAI Upington (1979), Ondangwa, Etale and some other bases and camps there after. Living on Vancouver Island Canada.

Date: Fri 25/2/11 9:27AM
From: Mark Budd

Message: Great site - July 1977 to July 1979 Basics and second phase at TSC (Tiffies) Pretoria. Then on to Walvis, 55 field workshop. 3 months in Etosha with 2 SAI. 3 Months at Mapaca with 38 field workshop Durban. Best times of my life. If anyone remembers me please drop me an e-mail!

Date: Mon 21/2/11 9:02PM
From: dewald de lange

Message: All the guys from 101 workshop in Grootfontein.....waar is julle? Jan 85 - Dec 86 at the KM with KPTN Piek, Terence Raynor, KPL Meisie Swart, SERS Burger, SERS Ross please contact me if you are on here dit was die goeie ou dae!

Date: Sun 13/2/11 8:24PM
From: Joe Lenczek

Message: To Petrus :-D the roads have been tarred and there aren't any mines. Be good boet!

Date: Sun 13/2/11 8:24PM
From: Joe Lenczek

Message: Where you guys?? danie, mark, liewe heksie, marius, grobbies, and fred that could not get out of shit. I think coz you were so tall your head stuck out the buffel's cab and they wanted to take it off. They always missed (thank god) but stuffed up your wheels


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