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Date: Thu 10/27/11 9:05AM
From: Nick Exton

Message: 77610764 ..... Jul 85 to Jun 87 - Dikobolos for 6 months and then 18 months in Sector 20 Rundu and Nepara, Bagani, Mpatcha for a bit. I wonder where my mate Skollie is now......?

Date: Sat 10/29/11 4:45PM
From: johan wessels

Message: 83338889bg was in berede i 85-86 wie was nog da

Date: Thu 7/28/11 4:55PM
From: Johan Ward

Message: 75306449BG - 11 Kommando Kimberley 1978-79. E. Komp. Grensdiens, Etale, Okatope, Mpunguvlei en weer Etale. Soek ou vriende. Gert van Schalkwyk, Adam Mans, Willem Botha, Hennie Liebenberg, Antonie Botha, Derek de Beer en ander wat my kan onthou.

Date: Mon 8/1/11 6:42AM
From: Dion Driman

Message: Hi James Great web. I was with 5SAI 81 - 83 and spent 15 months traipsing around Angola. I was also with 32 for five months based at Amouni base 250km west of Rundu. I saw and was involved in plenty which I still live with today. I am also writing about it and just cant see to complete it. This is great that you have done this for the boys. Stay well.

Date: Sat 8/6/11 8:54PM

Message: Served 1 Maintenance corps, became a two liner is anyonoe out there that knows me? This is serious guys I have youngsters now that dont believe that we did the 10k with full kit and that horrible R4, not forgetting thy 35k route march to the hell hole

Date: Tue 8/9/11 7:50AM
From: danie du preez

Message: was in 1 sdb 1975 c eskadron. Gunner op centurion -meteor en skokiaan tanks - wie onthou nog die bungalo bokant toilets na skietbaan? was saam met deon joubert, beukes smiley' coenie'braampretoruis'rodney. Wie was saam toe ons 12 dae voor uitklaar hoender gaar gemaak het agter skietbaan en uitgevang is? Al die drank wat ons gegaps het uit offesiers menasie en al die 5 lt roomys uit die kombuis? DD 0727352746

Date: Tue 8/9/11 8:07AM
From: danie du preez

Message: Alweer ek - lees so deur die boodskappe en weet dat die army die beste ding is wat oot met my kon gebeur het. Dit het mens sterk gemaak. Waar in jou lewe het jy die wereld gesien en ervaar sonder dat dit jou n sent kos. Sal dit weer doen as ek my lewe kon oorhe. Soos baie ander dinge wat ek nooit kon doen nie. Kan enige iemand my se of pretoria regiment nog bestaan - ek praat van die regte pr.

Date: Mon 8/15/11 9:37PM
From: Peter Gordon

Message: 82412024 bt I would like to come in contact with guys from Echo Company June 84 to July 86. Was driver in Company HQ. In view of reunion. Specially looking for staff seargent Robson. E69

Date: Fri 1/4/11 8:27PM
From: Peter Gordonl

Message: 82412024 bt 6SAI 84 to 86 Echo Company intake. I would like to get in contact with the guys specially the drivers of the HQ and staff Robson. In view in planning reunion. Regards E69

Date: Tue 8/16/11 11:8AM
From: Kobus Schoeman

Message: 87328654 BT - Echo Kompanie 1989 en 1990 in Infanterieskool in Oudtshoorn. Enige manne hier wat wonder wat het van ons almal geword?

Date: Sat 8/27/11 9:41AM
From: Wouter LeRoux

Message: Aangename verrasing die site.Valhalla gym in '75. Grootfontein en Ondangwa in die laat 70's.Enige ou bekendes ?

Date: Fri 9/2/11 12:33AM
From: FEYT

Message: 76577428BG 78-79 Kimberley 11 komando op wicus masjien geweer. Graag opsoek na ou vriende : Johan Venter, Terrblanche, Kemp, Bubb, Wilson. Email my asb!

Date: Fri 1/4/11 8:27PM
From: Arthur Smith

Message: Thanks for this site James!! Brings back some amazing memories. I server at 7SAI from July 81 to June 83. Then assigned to the Rand Light Infantry until I retired in 1998.

Date: Fri 5/21/11 5:05AM
From: 72263502BA 1SSB

Message: Do not let the world forget. In memory of Ruben Van Niekerk killed Ruacanna 1976. T37C

Date: Tue 5/24/11 7:30PM
From: Jannie Grove

Message: 85594521 BG. A number that I'll remember for as long as I live. We played a part in protecting people and defending our county. As boy's we men we left. I am the man I am today because of the two years I spend in the SADF.

Date: Sun 5/29/11 10:27AM
From: Rowan Barwood

Message: James, going through your site brought back some good memories. You have a photo in your collection called 'Camoflaged Samil', which is a photo I have as well - must of been given to me during my time. I am on the right side and I think it was Sean Kearns on the left.

Date: Mon 6/6/11 2:06PM
From: Theo Suter

Message: Great site, someone remembered. 41 Battery (120mm mortars) 4 artillery regiment

Date: Sun 6/26/11 8:34PM
From: Walter Montgomery

Message: Gunner in 10 Artillery Brigade, 4 Artillery Regiment Potchefstroom Jan 88 intake. Brovo gun 155mm G5's. Cant renmember everyones names but still remember Keth, Arnold, Smitty (driver) and Van Vake (number one on the gun) Great times, had a lot of fun, great adventures.

Date: Wed 7/13/11 1:31PM
From: Martin Vermeulen

Message: 85271781BG - Uitroep op 'n SAAMTREK, 1966 - 1989. Is this possible?

Date: Tue 7/19/11 3:54PM



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