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Date: Thu 16/12/10 10:10PM
From: Alan M Zeligson

Message: 76566132BG I did basics in Potch 3 SAI. 1978-80. Echo coy basics, then off to Elandsfontein for chef training. Became a kosher chef (for just 2 weeks) Returned to unit. Chef for a year. Then off to the border. Ogongo. Best time of my army career. Finished in 1980 then transferred to Randburg Commando.

Date: Sun 14/11/10 7:12AM
From: Trevor Snyman

Message: I am 66290925, did 12 months in the old SAAF Gym in Valhalla, including my border stints in Noord Transvaal (Pietersburg) guarding aircraft, and time in small groups protecting radar installations in the mountains. Great to find this site, will spend time today reading it. Today is Rememberance Day, and I have posted a salute to all ACF soldiers on my Facebook page. I salute you all!!

Date: Fri 5/11/10 1:34PM
From: Tony Jordan

Message: 82430174BG, did my basics in Grahamstown, 6 SAI 4 July 1984 and got probably the meanest toughest corporal in the entire SADF, Cpl Dwayne Eddie Brassel. I hated him then! But as we were deployed on the border sector 10, Eenhana, Elundu and Nkongo I realised he was the best instructor we had! He prepared us properly!!Thanks Cpl Brassel!! I was lucky to have you. Did duty in Sector 20 also, Rundu, Golf Fox, Yankee Fox and Fort Omahoni ( I cant remember the spelling). Thanks for the great site. Its nice to know that we are not entirely forgotten. Still have all my kit. If there are any Guys that were with me at the same time you are welcome to contact me. Echo Company, Grahamstown July 1984 - June 1986, Platoon 3 and then Delta Coy in phase 2.

Date: Thu 4/11/10 6:58PM
From: Nick Horne

Message: 84524610BG - 1SSB July 86 July 88. Ruacana 87/88. The best of times, the worst of times. Panser bo!! Groete almal, was it really worth it all?

Date: Fri 29/10/10 9:17PM
From: SSgt BH Terblanche

Message: I was from 1988 to 1991 with 61 Meg, still in the army with 5 SAI Bn. Now in Sudan until May 2011, lets not forget our fallen buddies!

Date: Fri 29/10/10 1:31PM
From: Raymong Gunn

Message: 76564076 BG Infantry. 5 ops in Angola. Walked SWA flat. Lets not forget our fallen buddies. We grew up too quick. May god bless you all!

Date: Sun 10/10/10 9:15AM
From: Brian James

Message: This site is truly amazing. I find it so informative. I recommend ex SA soldiers to log onto and you will also see the good stuff thats being done on that site as well.

Date: Fri 1/10/10 8:27PM
From: Vincent

Message: 75 to 80... 1 SAI, 7 SAI, SA Irish Regiment. Did border stints from 75 to 80.

Date: Thu 30/9/10 8:47PM
From: Wayne Ellis

Message: Did basics in Kimberly 1977 Jan, then sent to Modderfontein, Potch, didn't stay long as section ran too much amok. Sent to 4 SAI Middleburg transvaal, more running amok, sent to Greesvalt, again too much kak, whole lot of us sent to border. There we stayed Major Anderson was the best, got stoned, not with the Major, and did what we had to do, some buddies that were there - Andre (pipes) - Joe Gressor - George Michaellegious - P.Maris - and last but never least we will never forget my Bren 2 - Andre (Bukes) fallen but never forgotten. Guys send me a mail lets meet up!

Date: Thu 30/9/10 12:37AM
From: SSgt Scholla Scholtz

Message: Hi Boys wonder wat van my troepe geword het na Askari - 1 Sein Regt

Date: Sat 25/9/10 1:26AM
From: Martin Wepener

Message: 68389261 - I served in Zeerust C Sqdn. 1SSB from 1972-1973. Then was with Regt.Vrystaat until 1982. Did 3 border camps, 2 lohatla and 1 De Brug. Anybody remember me feel free to e-mail me!

Date: Fri 24/9/10 3:15PM
From: Kevin Bewick

Message: Great site, to all those who served up there on the border, bravo: R.I.P. CPL Terry Leonard, Danny Paulo, Connie van Wyk

Date: Fri 24/9/10 12:08PM
From: Paul Cuthbert

Message: 88776430 - awesome time nice job!!!

Date: Thu 23/9/10 1:15PM
From: Bennie Rheeder

Message: 86205143 PE - Wie sal ooit so 'n nommer vergeet? Dit was ons "ou" soldate wat almal in ons land veilig laat voel en veilig snags laat slaap het. Nou is alles opgedinges. Vandag is ons vergete, maar dit wat ons deurgemaak het sal nooit vergete wees nie. Groete aan alle "ou" manne!

Date: Mon 20/9/10 3:52PM
From: de Koker Izak

Message: 71476626BT - 2 de SAI Walvisbaai 1973/74 Inname. Baie geluk met hierdie een. Ons het dit gedoen manne en ons almal kan trots wees daarop.

Date: Sun 19/9/10 11:15AM
From: Chris Groenewald

Message: Great web site brings back a lot of memories. Great job!

Date: Sat 18/9/10 11:54PM
From: Dirk Ackerman

Message: Cpl Hare. The Sergeant - Major whose name you forgot was Viljoen. He became Genieskool RSM somewhere 1989/ 1990 and I got training from his knucklehead son at Bossies.

Date: Sat 18/9/10 7:34PM
From: Jurie Gryffenberg

Message: 83325340PE - Was in Luanda met die Lugmag gedurende die skietstaking. Werk tans in London. Any guys from CPE or JARIC still around?

Date: Fri 17/9/10 5:35PM
From: Brett

Message: i just read about the 14 South African troops that were accidentally dropped in a rebel region of DRC. they contacted the rebels for help and gave up their arms and ammo for a passage out?! i was too young to serve so my opinion is based on hear say, but how would the soldiers of old have handled this situation?

Date: Sat 4/9/10 4:07PM
From: wellie welgemoed

Message: hi wat n goeie web site. soek buddies wat saam in ops rheindeer geveg het om van hulle te hoor. was deel van ondersteunings groep bravo 4-5 mei 1978. ek was deel van n groep van walvisbaai agterop magirius deutz trok wat met sandsakies gelaai was. daarna grensdiens verrig te oshakati junie 78-79. onderhoudseenheid. goeie tye sal nooit vergeet. lank lewe die bos oorlog.


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