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Date: Tue 31/8/10 2:35PM
From: francois lombard

Message: 82289497BG - I was 10 AA Regt. Youngsfield border duty Ondangwa airport. So I hope anybody out there still to remember. I just left the second sq in the french legion in France.

Date: Mon 30/8/10 8:22PM
From: Ian Buchanan

Message: 84622455BG - 2 Field Engineers Bethlehem 1987/88 25 Oshakati and Umbalantu - Ja Manne...ons is grensvegters!!!

Date: Mon 30/8/10 12:00PM
From: Brent Leppan

Message: 81313793BG - The one number I have never forgotten in all these years - 1 marine corps, Mpacha and Kitewe.

Date: Thu 26/8/10 7:48AM
From: Tony Vermeulen

Message: Did basics at the then 17 Field Sqdn Bethlehem 1971. Camps and border duties incl Savanah with 3 Field Sqdn. Where are all u boys from yesteryear?

Date: Tue 24/8/10 8:24PM
From: Panayioutis Vassiliadis

Message: I was the 1988 Intake, 5SAI Ladysmith then finally finished at 84 Motorized Brigade, Durban after a lot of hard training and ops. What can I say besides "The Most Interesting 2 years of my Life, that I do not want to ever do again"- especially not now. Showed me a lot and if anything I have learnt to improvise in everyday life crises.

Date: Sat 14/8/10 9:53AM
From: Gary Lockyear

Message: 81212839BG - Brings back good memories. (85-86). Basics and 2nd phase @ 22 Field Squadron Bethlehem. 1 week @ 25 Field Squadron Oshakati. 7 of us sent to do Border duty with 101 BN. I was with Romeo Mike 3... Howzit to all the Sappers that served with 101BN

Date: Tue 10/8/10 7:56AM
From: Terence Willson

Message: Started training in July 1971 at Middelburg Transvaal 4SAI then in November went to the Caprivi Strip finished in April 1972 then went on to serve as a Barber with the DLI till 1981

Date: Mon 9/8/10 1:17PM
From: 89252878BG

Message: Did my last months at 5 Recce in Phalaborwa under Col Sachse in 1992. Made a couple of friends who served in Angola. I respect you guys! Thanks to all there who made us NSM's feel like humans and not just Magsnommers. Great experience. AWOL Botha.

Date: Sun 8/8/10 1:32PM
From: CJ Naude

Message: 85378826BG 1 Sein Heildelberg Tvl - Tot vandag toe bly ek wonder of dit als die moeite werd was, die grens oorlog van ons. Ons het manskappe aan die dood afgestaan en dit als vir wat?

Date: Tue 3/8/10 3:16PM
From: albe van der merwe

Message: 84 in inligtingskool Kimberly (Diskobolos), baie gesweet maar moerse goeie memories 85 in Windhoek. nog beter. Doen so voort met uitstekende website!

Date: Thu 29/7/10 7:37PM
From: Nico Jacobs

Message: Basics: Heidelberg Gimmy '85. Sector 20 Rundu '85-'86. The one experience that never goes away. Love to hear from old buddies. Still got all my kit - it's just the boepie that needs some trimming LOL! Check on Google Earth all the places around Rundu Airport, it's amazing that all the tent sites and roads are still there!

Date: Tue 27/7/10 7:27PM
From: Wilhelm Louw

Message: Dis lekker om te sien wat julle gedoen het. My pa was 1973-75 in SAI. Ek is op die oomblik in die britse weermag besig met ons eie oorlog in Afghanistan. Nou weet ek wat julle deur was vir ons land.

Date: Mon 19/7/10 11:21AM
From: Jaco "Toby" Terblanche

Message: Sapper. Basics 87 22 Field Sq Bethlehem (Vaalbank). 2nd Phase 21 Field SQ. Des 87 to Des 88 25 Field Sq Oshakati. Best days of my life. I salute each and everyone that was there with me and the ones who did not "uitklaar" with us. Kpl Yeo, Li-long and Seuter.

Date: Sat 17/7/10 11:16AM
From: Wayne Lober

Message: What a great site, served Jan 82 1Sai, 4Sai then Dec 82 Till Oct 83 at the legendary 61 mech A coy Pl 3. thanx for keeping the memories alive. Mervyn Knowles & Ferdie Pieterse, I might have served with you guys...

Date: Sun 4/7/10 1:10AM
From: Victor Charles

Message: Excellent site. Sorry, I am a native from Holland, so I didn't take part in the border war, but if I had lived in SA I would have been drafted. Be well in Miami, FL.

Date: Mon 28/6/10 12:02PM
From: Albert Basson

Message: 83250712BT - 1986-87 Genieskool Kroonstad, Lohatlha (Sweepslag1,2,3) Basies in binnebasis, Bossiespruit was vol. Kpl Andre Stevens, Kpl Fawcett, Kpl Coetzee - was ons basies koperaals. Sers Hendriks, Samj Ben Geldenhuys, Maj PJ Appelgryn, Maj "Shortie van Zyl - EOD offisier. S/sers Thaumuller, S/sers Mason, Sers Mark Craig. Almal na wie ek opgekyk het in my 2 jaar, en onder gesuffer het partykeer. Waar`s hulle nou? Eugen Ramsauer - Wellington, David Shadford- Kaapstad, Johan Gilliomee - Bonnievale? Fanie Smit - Clanwilliam, Paul Needham-Du Plessis?? Louis Augustyn?? Jul 84-Jul 86, Piet Swiegers Jul 84-Jul 86, Ek`s trots op my 2 jaar, sal môre teruggaan as dit moet. Super Sappers !!!

Date: Sun 27/6/10 1:51PM
From: Cassie Pretorius

Message: Now living on Vancouver Island Canada. 74564360BT - Daarsy... ek kan hom nog onthou! Love your website - a lot of good memories. 3 SAI, Infanterie School Oudshoorn, Upington, Ondangwa, Etale and some other bases in 1978, 1979 and camps there after with Reg Da La Rey.

Date: Fri 11/6/10 5:36PM
From: John Hall

Message: 71506174BV - What a great idea to get the stories and characters of the "war that never happened" published, honoured and remembered. Did my basics at Art School in Potch in 1974, Natal Field Artillery from 1975 to 1985. Eight tours in Ovamboland and Angola. Great site this, thanks.

Date: Thu 10/6/10 8:17AM
From: Victor

Message: Hi all great website!! Did basics in Bethlehem 21 Field 1984 then riots and then was sent to 1 Construction regiment 1985. Did border duty 1987 was involved with the ops then. Did last camp 1991 Messina. Thank you to all glad to see that we are keeping the good times alive. Lost some great friends as well. We must never forget them.

Date: Sun 6/6/10 7:41PM
From: Dan

Message: Wonder what it would be like to go back today and see what it looks like, without having to make yourself invisible - min dae to all the ou manne!


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