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Date: Sun 13/2/11 8:16PM
From: Joe Lenczek

Message: 80505324bt/bg - Hey all out there. 1 Maint. July 82. Rundu and around and up Dec 82 - June 84. Driver. Been all around Sector 20 and over. Askari was a blast. My thought's are always with 202 in the early stages!

Date: Fri 11/2/11 6:40AM
From: Petrus Germishuys

Message: 84802636 SCE - 203 Battalion. 1986/1987. Anybody who was involved in the Border war, must come and see how the northern part of Namibia looks like now. You will not believe it. It is really a change for the good!

Date: Sun 6/2/11 7:24PM
From: Brian Hepburn

Message: 77247591 - A great site, brings back so many memories. Can't remember the pain, but remember the good times, which at the time were actually crap!!

Date: Tue 1/2/11 7:43PM
From: Jan Hermanus Kriel

Message: 70313341BC - 2LT J.H. Kriel. 1974 - 1977. Soek na Mackie Grobler.

Date: Tue 1/2/11 3:02PM
From: Robert Miller

Message: 7SAI (Pala-gat) from June 85-86, then off to Eenhana for 6 months, then off to Ondangwa for the last 6 months. Good website, brings back lots of memories. Good and Bad.

Date: Tue 1/2/11 7:14AM
From: Carl Koekemoer

Message: Did training at 22Field "piet se gat" Bethlehem in '85 and '86 25 Field Eng Regt Oshakati. It was great at the time serving with fellow sappers but all in vain - UBIQUE

Date: Sat 29/1/11 3:14PM
From: Mark Haupt

Message: 70218755BT - July intake SAEC, Bethlehem, 1973. Served until the early '80's and will never forget the guys I served with. Great site, us ou manne deserve at least to be remembered for the sacrifices we made!

Date: Mon 24/1/11 9:23PM
From: Stephen Shaw

Message: 76595396BG - L/Cpl, 1979 to 1981, 3 border tours. A life forever altered! "Lest we forget"!

Date: Mon 24/1/11 1:25PM
From: Willie Bezuidenhout

Message: 76279900BT Kaptein - Ek het my basies in Jan 1979 in 1 SAI gedoen. Daarna Junior leiers by Infanteriekool op Oudshoorn. Alpha Kompanie die jaar met die sneeu gedurende Vasbyt. Gedurende Konfensionele opleiding vrywillig as leierskops na die destydse 31 battaljon (Ovambo battaljon) Gedurende 1980 het ons 101 Battaljon geraak. Peleton leier met Korporaal Rahl en Riekert as peleton sersante. Nog 3 maande kampe gedoen en het `n paar kersfeeste op die grens deurgebring. My volle hoeveelheid dae klaargemaak sonder een "Lokasie kamp" ek was `n opgeleide soldaat, nie `n shebeen oppasser nie. Snaaks hoe hierdie goed `n manier het om teug te kom, al is dit jare later. Kan met trots se ek was een van 101 in die begin jare as voet soldaat!

Date: Sun 16/1/11 7:03PM
From: Dave Mason - Neydens, France

Message: 77611895BT - was PE for a while. SAAF. Lost my boetie, Mark Mason, 1 Parabat in SWA in 1982. Thanks for the site and the memories. As someone already said, we grew up too fast and died too young! Take Care!

Date: Fri 14/1/11 9:32PM
From: Andreas j Liepe

Message: Anybody remembers a Portuguese man called TONY BANANA during '75-'82 who lived in Ondangwa during that time? He is my step-father. Thanks!

Date: Fri 14/1/11 4:55AM
From: Paul Harvell

Message: 76585892BG - Officers training at Personnel services in Pretoria joined propaganda spent time in Transkei, then 7th Infantry Div and did camps and Thunder Chariot. The best days of my life!

Date: Thu 13/1/11 2:46PM
From: Terry Ireland

Message: 1976 - 1977 Upington 8 SAI - Soweto Riots etc... Border duty for Xmas - Hard Times but... Great Times!

Date: Wed 12/1/11 4:07PM
From: Charlie

Message: great times 10 Artillery Brigade - POTCH 89-90. Gone are the real SADF forever, sad but true!

Date: Tue 11/1/11 8:39PM
From: Hoeky

Message: Great bit of nostalgia finding this site. 72450430BN. '74 - '75 Basics at 4 SAI, I moved to Infantry School, Oudtshoorn, then Wenela in Caprivi. Back in '76 to Wenela with RAB. '78 Mpalela Island with RAB. Really great memories after 30+ years.

Date: Tue 11/1/11 1:37PM
From: Neill Blignaut

Message: Great site! Was it all in vain?

Date: Tue 11/1/11 5:00AM
From: Michael (Holly) Hollander

Message: 6 SAI. July 82 to July 84. Foxtrot company. Great site. Thanks.

Date: Fri 24/12/10 11:51PM
From: Zane Mallin Weiss

Message: Moved over to united kingdom 10 years ago. 19 now but never prouder to be a South African! Was hoping that someone could tell me a bit more first hand information about the war. 2 of my relatives fought in this war no idea what units they were in at all. Please contact me with any info and thanks for the great site love to look at the picture and read the information given thanks again!

Date: Wed 22/12/10 11:34AM
From: Brian Peterson

Message: Looking for assault pioneers from 5 SAI 1978-1980. Please contact me!!

Date: Mon 20/12/10 1:20PM
From: L. Austin

Message: 80456601BG - 83'-84' basics at 14th Field Reg. Potch. Artillery then 5 months in Sector 1/0 at Ruacana (Hurricane base) did follow up for Askari - got stuck for days in white mud. Back to kak Potch then three months at Sector 7/0 at Katima (Nova Base) - very rustig - was kak at the time but looking back we had a lot of good times. The lighties of today need to go!!!


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