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Date: Fri 12/10/07 7:34AM
From: Eben Nel

Message: SA Navy MARINES 1989-1990 Dankie vir die stukkie geskiedenis wat julle hier bewaar, dit wil voorkom of die res van die land dit wil "delete". Ons onthou!!

Date: Thu 11/10/07 12:13AM
From: Mike Harding

Message: Any Guys who were in the N TVL Military Police unit 1986-1987 and would like to get together to chat please contact me.

Date: Wed 10/10/07 5:52AM
From: Paul Price

Message: Jan 83 to Dec 84. Eighteen months on the border (Sectors 70 & 20) in the Recovery unit, plus many camps with 84 Motorised Batt and did the last 3 month border camp in early 89. This site brings back good memories of our S/Major Pienaar and many army buddies; Leslie Pyper, Mark Powell, David Le-Roux, Grobbies, Shawn Marx and Shawn Sinnet. Left Sa in 95 to go to NZ. Contact me if you were in Recovery with me.

Date: Tue 9/10/07 10:33PM
From: Dave Coburn

Message: To: Daniel Oosthuizen. I was in 5 SAI Delta Company, Platoon 3 83/84, Remember Rooi Baart, only to well, wont forget the weight of him standing with both 10 wides on my back at the Boshoek shooting range after a 'stooring'. He was truly remarkable and others like him who stood for so many great things. Who was the Sgt Maj on the MB50...his mission was to harass everone!!! A Big salute to all of our guys with us and those permanet force guys who dedicated themselves to training us and bringing us back home safely.

Date: Fri 5/10/07 9:34AM
From: John Buckland
Email: john,

Message: 79/80 4SAI. then camps with the SA Irish As they say " it was the best of times, it was the worst of times....."

Date: Thu 4/10/07 7:31PM
From: Paul Jewson

Message: 88-89. 8sai upington. last intake that did the full 2 years. part of the group that withdrew. lotta good memories and more than a few really bad ones but one things for sure, none of them will ever fade. well done on the site. proud salute to fallen comrades and respect for a worthy enemy.

Date: Wed 3/10/07 6:50PM
From: Salty Visser

Message: Hello.Ek is opsoek na van my buddies. 1975 JAN inhame by Valhalla Airfrce- gym.Opsoek na my buddies in die PTI unit Boeta Wilbers en Douw Steyl.As jul dit lees reply op my laaitjie se email.

Date: Wed 3/10/07 9:05AM
From: Hardus Visser

Message: Ummm...Ek is 20 jaar oud.Ek sal nie weet hoe dit was om deel te wees van so 'n trotse generasie wat die geleentheid gehad het om jou land te beskerm nie.Ek kyk waarlik op na ieder en elk wat moes afkak vir my en my generasie, ek is ewig dankbaar vir die wat gesneuwel het.Baie se dit was verniet maar in my o is niks ooit verniet nie.Julle almal het waarlik gewys dat die afrikaner volk nie sal bieg voor niks of niemand maar soos 'n rots sal bly staan.Julle het die res van die wereld gewys wie ons is.(Die beste wat daar is en ooit sal wees) Julle is almal helde in my o of jy die bloed moes sien vloei uit jou makker se wond of jy in a office gesit het, JULLE IS NIE VERGEET NIE. ons vir jou SUID AFRIKA.

Date: Sun 30/9/07 6:45PM
From: Steve Walker

Message: After my training at 1 SAI, I was transferred to 6.1 Mechanized Battalion where I spent the next year before ending up in Walvis Bay in December of 1989. What an unexpected pleasure finding this great site. Its great to see that someone has taken the time to document a very unique aspect of a South Africans upbringing. I look at the few photo's that I have and I'm amazed at how young we were. It?s even a little surreal for me because it now seems like such a foreign time and place. -- Steve.

Date: Sat 29/9/07 7:07AM
From: SKTR Eugene Oosthuizen

Message: 83258236BG Jan 58-Dec 86 SP Wag & 907/116 BN Ek is bly dat daar nog mense soos julle is wat terug dink aan die goeie ou dae, het gedog dat daar iets verkeerd met my is dat ek op my "ouer dae" meer en meer begin terug dink aan my army dae. Veral as dinge nou so gaan hier in SA soos dit gaan. (Need I say More?) Soos die meeste van ons, het ek ook heeltemal kontak verloor met my army buddies, is dit nie sad nie, want ek dink hulle was die beste buddies wat enige man kan h, regardless van die "KAK" wat ons saam deurgemaak het. Baie dankie vir hierdie site, en as daar enige van my makkers hierdie boodskap sien, kontak my asb. Vasbyt Min dae! (Hopelik)

Date: Thu 20/9/07 11:55PM
From: Jan van der Westhuize

Message: baie nice site , brings back a lot of memories, best 2 years of my life that I never want to relive, one thing I learned from army days is what my cpl always said and I still use it "werk saam met my en ek werk saam met jou, naai my en ek naai jou fokken dood", maatjies werk nie saam nie, troep sien jy daardie boom, gaan hoor wat se hy, bring vir my n blaar nee die ander blaar, ens ens ek wonder of enig iemand enige dril songs onthou he?

Date: Thu 20/9/07 11:49PM
From: Jan van der Westhuize

Message: 1989-1990 , Kavalier, Opgeroep Bloemfontein en voor basis oorgeplaas na Luhatla Leergevegskool, eerste troepe wat ooit basis daar gedoen het, as gevolg van die probleme in SW het ons dierek daarna infantarie opleiding gekry, toe peleton wapens, infintarie MEG en ratel gunner en bestuur opleiding, en daarna pantser 90mm naudi (eland mk7) en ratel 90mm, uitgeklaar op Luhatla,n week voor ons moes grens toe gaan is alles terug getrek agv resolusie 435 ek dink dis wat dit genoem was, seker die hartseerste dag van my lewe, wou altyd grens toe gegaan het om vir my land te veg en kyk waar sit ons nou, al die duisende soldate friende en familie wat gesneuwel het vir ons taal,vlag,kultuur en ons fryheid alles verniet, en wie moet ons bedank, nie boland bank nie

Date: Thu 20/9/07 4:36PM
From: Mike VandeVelde

Message: I am from Belgium, and every year I spend 9 months in SA. I have enormous respect for the old SADF. You had one of the strongest forces in the world!! Wish you could stand up and rise again. Respect guys... R E S P E C T

Date: Sun 16/9/07 9:26AM
From: Willem D

Message: Good to read through the stories. Can't say I'd want to do it all again, but there are some good memories. '91 - '92 8 SAI

Date: Sun 16/9/07 1:44AM
From: George Koen

Message: Basics at 11th Commando Infantry school 3 SAI and then to border in 77/78. Ag nou ja, n mens wonder oor die hele affair ne!? Nou woonagtig in Kalifornia sedert 1989. Ek het gatvol geword.

Date: Thu 13/9/07 1:25PM
From: Lance Pook

Message: Great Site, brings back many memories. Brent Hudson nice stories.

Date: Thu 13/9/07 10:27PM
From: Johan Botha

Message: 80379555BG Sers. Johan Botha Pantserskool (1983), 61 Mech Bn Tenk Eskadron (1984) Regiment Pres. Steyn (1985 tot ontbinding) Brings back memories!!!

Date: Mon 10/9/07 9:25AM
From: Theo van Zyl

Message: 86363900BG Sktr. T van Zyl 1SAI, Meg Leier Vleul, Echo kompanie 1989 - 1990. Infanterie Skool Alpha kompanie 1989 1Regiment De La Rey 1991 - tot ontbinding. Ons vir jou Suid Afrika!

Date: Thu 6/9/07 3:42PM
From: Gavin Bolton

Message: After so many years it all seems so unreal, but I guess as a 19 year old kid, it just seemed one great big adventure. Later on in life I have so much admiration for so few men who had the will (somewhat misguided at times) to however not sit back but throw the limited resources we had as a nation at an enemy, that had the full and unlimited support of the great Soviet nations. Africa is a better place because of these so few brave individuals.

Date: Tue 4/9/07 8:08PM
From: Steve Clapham

Message: 1SAI 1987 Ops Hooper 87/88 4SAI 1988 (G4K4) Looking for old mates. FANTASTIC WEBSITE !! Well done.


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